Friday, July 16, 2010

The Cleveland MetroParks

Today’s adventure brought us to the Metro Parks. If you live in Northeast Ohio – you are (hopefully) very aware of the vast metro park system. You really would be hard pressed to go anywhere in the greater Cleveland area and not be near part of the metro parks.

For those of you that don’t live in northeast Ohio – the Cleveland metro parks is a huge system (22,000 acres to be exact) of nature preserve. It entails 16 reservations, hundreds of miles of trails (for walking, running, biking, horse back riding, etc), multiple educational locations, some golf courses and of course the Cleveland Zoo.

In fact, the metro parks are so large and so incredible that I may even make it another activity (read: a few activities) in the future.

We hiked some, we stared lovingly at a waterfall and a river (Carter loves water), Avery chilled in her stroller, we chased bugs (again), we played on swings, enjoyed the walking paths, etc.For more information, to see upcoming events, view maps and to schedule your visit, go to:

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