Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Cleveland Blogger - spewing their mouth about Lebron

Ok, we have all heard about it, at least those of us that live in Northeast Ohio. Now, half of me would like to not dignify this mess with a blog post, but the spiteful shut-up-already-about-your-stupid-sports side of me wants to tell everyone that there is more to life than sports – and that you’re only dignifying the way pro athletes act with this type of hoopla.

If we spent a quarter of the time worrying about AIDS relief, global warming, starvation, the education system, equal rights, animal rights (although I still want to sell my dog on ebay for continually crapping on the floor), etc etc etc – we’d have a much better world for our kids to grow up in.

Although, I will say this one thing about Lebron (I just can't help it)- anyone that people have come to term “the king” can just suck it …in my humble opinion. Wasn’t the whole point of this country to escape terms like that (and religious freedom and blah blah blah…although, I have to point out that the whole separation of church and state isn’t workin’ out so hot either…some people just can’t see the two as separate (lookin’ at you here anti-gay marriage people)).

And furthermore (ok ... now i'm up to two things about him ... darnit), anyone that turns their career decision into some lame one-hour primetime special and hosts it at a boys and girls club and then spews off garble about how winning is everything – and he’s leaving his current team to join one that he can be a winner at ... not so much the role model that people thought he was. “Hey Boys and Girls…winning is everything – and being a quitter in order to become a winner is OK!” Imagine if Dora or the Wonder Pets used this as their message – Nick Jr would be in some heavy shit for that.

So, moral of my rant…Shut up about Lebron James.

ALSO – if one more sports commentator refers to Cleveland as “Depressed” or in any way implies that Cleveland needs some sports guy to make or break our town…I am bringing my indoor-floor-crapping dog to their house….to stay for a week. Do you hear me sports commentators? One week…with my dog...that craps on floors…one week! Consider yourselves warned.

AND … (last thing, I promise) although I can appreciate Dan Gilbert’s letter…I would just like to ask that future letters of this nature (or anything) not be written in Comic Sans font.

That was one heck of a rant. Now back to cleaning up spitup and smashed cheerios.

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Bilbo said...

Note to self: Do not piss off Crissy.

Note to Crissy: You rock! Enough with LeBron James, already.

As for Cleveland, well, I have my own floor-crapping dog, thank you!