Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Activity 1: Brecksville Library

The inaugural activity for our 30-day challenge took place today.

I brought the kids to the Brecksville Library for a tot reading hour. There were about 20 toddlers and their caregivers in a special room (so noise wasn’t an issue) where a teacher discussed one theme (today’s theme was bugs) by way of letters, rhymes, songs, stories, finger puppets, dances, props, etc.

This event was 100% free and was for toddlers (age 19-35 months) – no registration required. There are a ton of other age specific reading hours – at various Cuyahoga County Library locations (information can be found at http://www.cuyahogalibrary.org/)

I tried to snap a quick picture – but unfortunately, playtime before the reading hour began was also bottle-time for Avery. So, you can see what my camera skills were like while also trying to wrangle Carter and feed Avery. This picture was taken by the puppet house. I promise to take better pictures from here on out.

I would highly recommend library reading hours. It’s a great way to meet other caregivers and it’s a great way to allow your child to socialize, learn and play. I know Carter had a wonderful time (Avery passed out and then farted loudly halfway through class … multiple times – so I take that as happiness too). And if it's a nice day out - I would also recommend the playground up the hill from the library (next to the rec center) as an extra activity. We ran up there after storytime - and Carter had a blast.

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