Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 Day Northeast Ohio Challenge

I have been trying to start this post for a very long time now. But every time I get somewhere – something happens to it (carter unplugs my laptop that has somehow became a desktop…THANKS DELL, someone cries or poops and requires attention, etc etc).

I am on a mission - a mommy mission. I plan to bring the kiddos (or at least one of them at a time – event depending) to a fun activity for 30 days. It’s a 30 day challenge – to find 30 fun activities in or around (within a 30-45 minute driving range of) Cleveland (ok… my house in Strongsville). I promise to find as many free activities as possible, as many fun and unique activities as possible and as many activities that YOU (dear readers…well those of you that live in the Northeast Ohio area) can bring your kids (or yourselves) to as well!

After all, I still don’t think that you have to live in a big city to have big fun (ok…that was a corny statement…I also promise not to throw out cheesy lines like that…a lot).
I think that there are a ton of fun, educational, and unique activities to do with children in Northeast Ohio – and people that say that you have to live in New York or Chicago or this or that city…well, they can suck it.

A few things to keep in mind when looking at my 30-day challenge:
1.) I tried to pick as many free activities as possible. If an activity cost anything – I will (try to remember to) list this information.
2.) I also picked as many activities as possible that were in stroller-friendly environments. Some may not be – and I will mention that in my posts about those outings.

In researching this project, I visited the following sites (a lot),
http://national.macaronikid.com/ (and then find your state/city. This site rocks. It just plain rocks)

I also checked for art festivals, information on the metro park system, as well as event listings in local newspapers.

I will say this too – the activities that I am listing/attending are all toddler friendly. There are so many more events – especially ones that would work for older children.

A few (off the top of my mind) are:
· Jacobs field – Indians Game. I do believe kids can run the bases after certain games.
· A Browns Game
· Eastlake baseball game (name?)
· There are too many great restaurants to list – but a few areas that would be fun to go on lunch dates include (but are not limited to): Little Italy, Coventry, Lakewood, East 4th, etc
· Cedar Point
· Cleveland Museum of Art
· The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
· The West Side Market
· Malleys Chocolates
· B.A. Sweeties
· Pro Football Hall of Fame – and the Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend
· Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy
· Burning River Fest
· Tall Ships
· Art Festivals (Lakewood, Clifton Ave, Cain Park, Boston Mills, etc)
· Local Festivals (Irish Festival, Greek Festival, etc)

I can’t wait to do this challenge again in the fall, winter and spring! New Seasons bring new types of events/activities.

So, look for my upcoming posts about each event!

On a side note: with this 30 day challenge – I am going to do my absolute best to do something every day and to post about it everyday. But, just remember…I am only human and things come up.


Bilbo said...

I don't know about the relative locations of Cleveland and Dayton, but the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB is a fabulous thing for children and adults. No admission fee, lots of exhibits (real live airplanes), and a huge gift shop (bring money). My son and his family live not far away, and we go there often...always something new and interesting to see.

Karen said...

What a great idea. This Clevealand Mommy is looking forward to reading your posts!!!