Monday, July 19, 2010

30-Day Challenge ... Day 7: The Westside Market

Dating back to the 1840’s, the Westside Market (on West 25th street in downtown Cleveland) is Cleveland’s oldest (publicly-owned) market. It’s one of those institutions that every city needs, some city’s have, and not enough residents utilize/appreciate.

The enclosed farmers market offers over 100 vendors with pretty much anything you can dream up (seriously, I bought sausage chorizo to stuff tonight’s peppers with…and the lady next to me at the pork stand was buying a pigs butt…an entire pigs butt…who knew people ate pig ass).
Below is an entire booth of huge loaves of bread.
And don't forget about the candy, desserts, popcorn and chocolates.
The Westside market used to be a Saturday morning ritual for Chad and I (when we lived in Lakewood), but has sadly become more of a once-a-month trip now. Why, I can’t say…because the produce, fruit, meat, cheese, fish, etc is all fresher and typically cheaper than what you could find at a grocery store.
Uncle Trad came with the kids and I today (I sort of dragged him after he got locked out of his house).

So why not bring the kids to the Westside market – to continue our “where food comes from” learning experience (that started yesterday – at the Red Wagon Farm)? Yesterday Carter learned where food is grown, today he learned about where we buy food/where food is sold ... if I were smart (and wanted to continue this learning train-o-fun) I would show him how food is cooked tomorrow (maybe at a restaurant). But, I think tomorrow’s activity will take a totally different direction ... just because I have that kinda power ... over my own scheduling.

For more information on the Westside Market, go to:

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Bilbo said...

Pig butt? That's nothing. We have one of these mega ethnic markets here where you can get some of the most amazing things you can a shrink-wrapped package of pork uteri. I'm pretty gastronomically adventurous, but I do have standards, low though they may be...