Saturday, June 5, 2010


First, allow me to say, I planned to have more belly pictures. I planned to have pictures of the grandparents arriving into town, pictures of Chad and I with Carter the night before our scheduled C-section, pictures of Chad and I changing into our scrubs at the hospital the morning of the C-section.

But, planning doesn't always work when expecting a child. Especially a girl (or so I am told...I'm new at this girl thing).

Last Friday night I found myself having quite a few contractions. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have been having contractions on and off for awhile now. So I promptly ... ignored them.

A few hours later, I went upstairs to take a bath and hopefully calm the contractions down (this had worked in the past - as some of my contractions had started in my back ... the bath just made everything feel better). Not so much this time. The bath ended with me texting Chad to come help me out (because nothing says sexy like your wife being stuck in the bathtub).

Chad helped me out and then started to realize what was really happening (which I tried to play off as "some mild pain"). And he started to time out my contractions (which were about 8-10 minutes apart).

I told him I was fine and he could go back to watching sports downstairs. When really, what I wanted to do was freak out about my hospital bag (which still wasn't packed), my to-do list (which still wasn't done), my eye brows (which still were burt-ish), you get the picture.

About a half hour later - Chad came back up to find me sitting on the bed still having contractions. So he started to time them again and decided not to leave the room this time (I can't be trusted to report in sometimes). The contractions were 3-7 minutes apart now.

Chad called the doctor (the on-call doctor) - who told us to head to the hospital. I was so not ready. I had a hundred million unimportant things to get done (I say this now laughing, but at the time they all felt very important ... let's just strike that up as hormones).

Bilbo (grandma G) arrived a little before midnight to find me already in the car, Chad pacing, and Carter passed out in his room (the poor little guy was clueless as to what was going on).

And the chaos began,

- We didn't have an extra house key (it was on my to-do list) to leave for grandma, grandma and grandpa J, the sitter, etc
- The garage door code thingy wasn't working (also on my list)
- The list went on and on ...

By the time we got to the hospital, I was so focused on the fact that we were not ready...that I had forgotten about my contractions. And we walked in feeling very confident that we would be walking back out within the hour.

This was not the case.

I was hooked up to a monitor where they kept me for almost 2 hours to follow my contractions and our baby’s heart beat.

Two hours later, the nurse came in and told us that the on-call doctor was on her way and we were having the baby tonight. This was such a shocker. Chad and I should have had an idea that this could have been a potential outcome. But for some reason, we didn’t. So Chad made a few calls (but honestly…you can’t call a lot of people at 2am). And we were literally whisked away almost immediately.

Avery Lyn Gotfam

(sorry, I don’t post last names)

was born on May 29th, 2010 at 3:08am
Weight: 7lb 10 oz
Length: 19.5 inches

She was/is absolutely the most perfect little baby girl. She is everything that I could have hoped for and more. The second she was born, the to-do list, the chaos, my eye brows…everything faded away as we stared at this amazing little girl. She had quite another plan in mind and that was fine by us.

Welcome to the world baby Avery! Mommy loves you so very much.
There will be more post in the upcoming days/weeks about the events that unfolded after her birth (don’t worry – she’s very healthy and wonderful), and I’ll probably even talk about how she got her name, spinals, hospitals and poop and all sorts of taboo things. But by far the most important announcement that we have is, Avery’s here!

Below are more pictures:

Daddy, Mommy and Avery
Grandma and Grandpa J double-teaming diaper duty
(if you're wondering if it really takes two to change a diaper...the answer is YES. Just remember that this is the same child that was strong enough to pop one of my ribs ... she's a kicker)
Big Brother Carter ready to give Avery a big kiss!

Big Brother Carter trying to give Avery a high five (he doesn't fall too far from the Chad high-fiving apple tree)
Carter bringing his sister for a ride around the hospital
Daddy is smitten
The GotFam