Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok ... I have a few words.

I'm a million weeks pregnant - so if you have a bone to pick with me about not posting a lot of well thought-out posts ... well, i'm a million weeks pregnant - so it's not gonna happen. And really, you should thank me. Even if I started to type something out - I'd forget what I was talking about half way into my post ... and leave you disappointed anyways.

I will return to my ranting-self soon enough though. Don't you worry.
Until then ... please enjoy these pictures.
A recent park visit:

A recent afternoon of playing in the sprinkler:


Bilbo said...

Being a million weeks pregnant could be a great timesaver in the long could give birth to a teenager and skip the whole "terrible twos" thing, going right to the "agonizing over the teens" phase!

Karen said...

I just love Strongsville, I grew up in NR which is right down the street. I wish I could say I am still a westsider but stuck out here on the east side because of our jobs!!!! Best of luck on the upcoming birth of your baby!


Wendy said...

Those are ARESOME photos!