Thursday, May 27, 2010

A real conversation from my last dr’s appt:

Dr (during a routine ultrasound): Baby’s heart beat and breathing are good … fluid level is ... adequate.

Me: Adequate?

Dr: Yes, adequate

Me: That doesn’t sound good

Dr: No…it’s adequate

Me: So should I be worried?

Dr: Only if I said it wasn’t adequate

Me: Ummm ... ok. So, I feel like you’re telling me that something could be wrong…and using a nice word to go about it

Dr: No, I’m telling you that everything is fine

Me: So we’re having a definition problem?

Dr (now staring at me blankly): uhhh…

Me: Because if someone told me that I did an adequate job at something – I would want to know how I could improve…and do better. But I don't quite know how to improve upon my fluid levels. In fact - it tweaks me out to think about it.

Dr: That’s really a different context though

Me: Ok…so if my doctor told me I was in adequate health, I would ask what I could do to improve my health

Dr: Ok (sounding annoyed) ... the fluid level is fine. It’s fine…it’s where it should be.

Me: Fine is a much better word for me.

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