Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The potty is so dead to him

In my head (which contained very little baby/toddler information prior to having Carter (seriously…I never even babysat as a teenager…I so have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time)) potty training started around the age of 3. But, in my head…one day Carter would rip off his diaper, run to the potty, use it (the right way), wipe himself, wash his hands, and then frolic off as if it were second nature to him. Feel free to judge how skewed things are in my head.

I really had no idea that there was this struggle that went on between parent and toddler about where to place their waste. And I had no idea that it would drive a parent to do potty dances, make up potty songs, talk about the potty ALL THE TIME, go to the bathroom in front of their toddler to help increase potty-awareness, or create charts to entice (read: bribe with stickers) their toddler to crap in the right spot.

I was willing to wait until we could communicate with Carter about the potty more.

Nope…he wanted to know about the potty a few months ago (at 18 months old to be exact). He was curious. There was this weird porcelain fixture in his bathroom that had water in it – and he wasn’t allowed to float boats in it, put the cat in it, or splash in it…so naturally…he wanted to know what exactly this thing was for. So I gave in. I bought him a potty seat and started to potty train him.

He sits on the potty most mornings or afternoons (after his nap) while he has a sippy cup and I sing potty songs - which has led to a lot of potty usage.

We were pretty excited to think that just maybe ... he would be potty trained by the time baby #2 (no pun intended) arrived. No such luck. Now that we have been discussing a new baby – he’s reverting somewhat and wants nothing to do with the potty now. So, I guess my pipe dreams of throwing his diapers out the window and telling them to “suck it” are all down the tubes. Oh well. Another day.

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