Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The post where I sound vain about my size…and totally forget about the big picture here.

I’m large. Large Large Large. I have packed away my skinny girl clothing (in places where I can’t see them mocking me), pulled out the fugly sports-bra looking contraptions for when baby girl is born, filled my drawers with oversized t-shirts, granny panties, socks with tread on the bottom (so that when I am carrying a baby in my arms and dragging a toddler from my legs down the stairs…I don’t trip), weird creams, and hair ties (since my hair won’t be down for another 3-4 months).

If you’re shaking your head…you haven’t recently had a baby. If you have recently had a baby – I applaud you if you wear your hair down, wear normal looking under garments, or jeans that actually zip up – rather than pull up with a big stretchy band at the top. You are a far better person than I.

I just have to keep telling myself that one day I will pull out that big bin of skinny girl clothes…and it will be like Christmas morning (unless stuff doesn’t fit…and then all hell will break loose). One day I will wear a swimming suit again, one day I will wear a skirt again, one day I will wear my hair down again, one day I will wear heels again, and one day…well…one day I will go on a date with my husband and he will be all “my wife’s hot” again (he may tell you he feels like that now…but we all know he wonders if I would roll if he pushed me hard enough).

Note: there will be no picture for this post. Because i don't need another picture of me...large

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