Friday, May 28, 2010

A night at the GotFam household:

Carter yelling in his crib (this was actually taken yesterday after his nap)

8pm - Carter doesn’t want to go to bed. I read him two books and sing a song and then tell him that it’s “night night” time. He at least allows me to put him into his crib (yea yea…judge me…he’s still in his crib). But he would like everyone to know that he wasn't happy about it.

9pm – He’s still awake and pretty pissed off that he’s in his crib. Although – he’s also ridiculously tired…he still wants me to know that he’s angry that he’s in bed and can hear the neighborhood kids right outside his window playing. I don't blame him. I equate this to people drinking beer right in front of me when I'm pregnant. Aholes.

9:45pm – He wakes up. Not sure why. But he wakes up yelling for “Dog-Go” (our dog Layla). And then it turns into screaming, and then a little talk about a “big truck.” I let him wind himself back down and don’t bother going into check on him – since he sounds ok.

10:30 pm – He wakes up again. But this time he’s frantically screaming. So I run upstairs and into his room to find him sitting in his crib clinging to his blanket yelling “Maw Maw.” I scoop him up and tell him he’s ok. And I sit down with him in the rocking chair.

10:45pm – Still rocking. This is my fault. He’s passed out. I’m tearing up because he’s my little baby – and I’m worried that he’s going to be hurt or angry when his sister is born.

11:30pm – I text Chad (who’s out after a softball game) that I can’t stop laughing because the weather man just drew (what looks to be) a …uhh…male organ shape around the weather front. Only Chad would appreciate this as much as I do.

11:35pm – I’m still laughing about the weather man.

12:00am – I wake up to the ridiculously loud sound of terrible pop music. Where the hell is this coming from. I check the tv, I check all around the room…it’s coming from Carter’s monitor. What the crap is he doing in there now?!

12:02am – I run into Carter’s room to find that his clock had accidentally been bumped – and the radio alarm was set for midnight. He’s still passed out.

12:03am – I’m awake now…so I may as well watch tv. I watch an infomercial about a device called “the ninja” that looks like the magic bullet. Whatever ninja…kiss my magic bullets ass.

12:37am – I have a leg cramp (a lovely side effect of pregnancy). I pace…and then pee (another side effect of pregnancy).

1:28am – I have to pee again.

2:14am – I wake up to the sound of an alarm going off. Crap…it’s our security alarm. Why does this thing keep tweaking itself? I jump out of bed and punch in the security code to stop it. I go right back to bed … without even checking to see if any windows or doors had been tampered with. Opps.

2:47am – I have to pee again.

3:36am – Carter wakes up again. This time he sounds like he may have had a nightmare. He’s screaming for me again. I run in. He’s clinging to his blanket again. I check all around his room for the cat…wondering if maybe he was hiding in there somewhere and kept waking Carter up. No cat. I pick up Carter and we rock more…and I cry more … and he passes out again.

6:45am – My internal clock wakes me up. Nobody else in the house is up yet. I watch more infomercials. This time it’s a product that shapes side/butt chub. I guess it’s claim to fame is that it gets rid of chubby women’s muffin tops. I should invest in this for after the baby’s born.

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Bilbo said...

I have to pee multiple times per night, and I don't have the excuse of being pregnant! For some of us, it's just old age...sigh...