Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little thrones of judgement

For the past three days, I have been having contractions (that were somewhat far apart…so nothing terrible to worry about) and back cramping (that is pure annoyance). So, last night, when it got a little worse…we started to worry.

Chad started to worry because I refused to finish packing my hospital bag, because his mom was at an Indian’s game and we were not sure who we would have watch Carter and because well…it could be an emergency c-section (all rational worries).

Not me. I had another set of worries ... that went something like this:
- the nursery isn’t 100% done
- the laundry isn’t done
- the floors need to be cleaned again
- I haven’t done my last stock-up grocery run…and I know we need muffin cups…and by saying “we NEED” is an understatement…I feel like we HAVE to have them in this house…even if we don’t plan to make muffins.
- and my effing toilets have calcium stains…because I haven’t cleaned them in the last 6 days….yup…calcium stains…who brings a baby into this world with calcium stained toilets?

So you can see who was thinking rationally.

But seriously…what if my toilets were all gross and I went into labor…next thing ya know – a million people are at our house to meet the new little baby…and they’re all judging me and my mothering capabilities by my toilets. They’re not just places to dispose of waste people – they’re little thrones of judgment.

Another totally unrelated photo post. But really, wouldn't you rather see a cute picture of Carter smiling - instead of a picture of me freaking out about my toilets? Or better yet - a picture of my toilets? Because you know i'd do that ...

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