Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You have probably seen in pictures and heard me mention our dog before. Her name is Layla. She is a 60-70lb (depending on how good her week was) sheppard/black lab mix. She’s really a very very good dog. And she is unquestionably Carter’s best friend.

Carter wakes up every morning asking for “DogGo” (which he has named her). He chases her, they sing together, they run in the yard and play soccer together, you name it ... and those two are into it (trash cans, laundry baskets, food on the floor, etc). And when I say that Layla puts up with a lot…it’s truly an understatement. Carter isn’t always gentle…and Layla just lovingly takes whatever he dishes out.

Lately though, I haven’t been the best doggy mommy. When I am pregnant, I tend to have a short fuse with our dog and cat. They always seem to be throwing up, pooping, or dragging food around on the floor exactly where I just cleaned…and my nesting instincts want to explode. And Layla has some interesting Layla-isms (yes yes, who doesn’t have ism’s? I have my fair share – trust me).
Layla is scared of water (rain), wind, squeaky doors, the cat when he’s in a bad mood (who isn’t), hot air balloons, and some men (although - this seems to trace back to when she was in a shelter before my husband adopted her).

So yes, when it’s raining out – and I can’t convince the dog to go outside because she refuses to get wet…I get annoyed. And when she non-stop barks at the fedex man (who comes every single day at the exact same time…when Carter is sleeping) I want to scream.

But Layla is a good dog. A very very good dog - whom I love very much. And she is a very important member of this family - with whom we wouldn’t know what to do without.
So send Layla happy thoughts today – she had to go into surgery for her teeth (apparently dogs can have genetically bad teeth just like people can) as well as some tumors (on her leg, in her mammary gland and on her side).

We love you Layla!!

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