Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogging from the ‘Burbs of Cleveland:

When we decided to move to the suburbs…we really put a lot of time and thought into it. We went back and forth about whether or not we wanted to be … livin' in the 'burbs. Where people all drive look alike cars, all try to one-up one another, sit around on their porches drinking beer (ok...we really liked this one), discussed reality tv ad nauseam, held management jobs, you know all the stereotypical things (sound judgemental...well, we didn't know any better - you can't help but form opinions - we all know that there is some phenomenon that happens where you think that everywhere else that people live is somewhat weird or whacky).

And we thought, well…we already sit around on our porch drinking beer…and at least Carter will have someplace safe to play and a good school system…so – question answered. We moved.

And we have been really happy with our decision.

But I have to point something out. There is no less crime here than there was in Lakewood. Well, allow me to be more specific. There is no less crime here – that directly affects us – than there was in Lakewood.

In Lakewood – we had one break-in attempt.
In Strongsville – my car actually was broken into – and someone stole the garage door opener…and came back (does that count as a second break in?)

In Lakewood – we saw the police at our neighbors house quite often (he was a drug dealer…it’s to be expected)
In Strongsville – we have had the police at our house (but for stupid stuff…like nosey neighbors being “nervous about the number of cars on the street.”). Also - we tend to have police in our neighborhood a lot (when bored/spoiled kids break into people's garages looking for beer - gotta give the kids credit though...very creative way to get beer).

In Lakewood – we had helicopters flying over one afternoon looking for an escaped criminal who was on foot ... but he never came near our house.
In Strongsville – we had the Swat team in our neighbor’s back yard tackling a man who had just held a hostage in his house for hours yesterday.

Yup…the Swat team – with snipers and all. In Strongsville. In our development – tackling a man in our neighbor’s backyard…which butts up to our backyard. All as I vacuumed and was totally oblivious to everything – while Chad and Carter were gone. Shows how much I notice.

So the next time someone spews their mouth about how the ‘burbs are soooo much safer than the city (like I always thought)…let them know that it’s all relative. Because - I always thought the 'burbs were one big happy bubble of white picket fences and safe haven....nope. My kid could have been playing on the slip and slide as the Swat team ran through the yard with snipers yesterday.

I guess my point is ... shit happens everywhere.... so like the porch that you're drinkin' beer on. That's what matters.

We have a really cool porch.

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