Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Girl Update:

Our dr’s visit this week brought good/exciting news. We’re officially out of the water for any premie worries. Our little girl is officially "full term" … although the dr is still going to make us wait until my scheduled c-section date (because he's a man ... and has never been this pregnant).

A few other things we learned:
- Baby girl is around 7 pounds right now – and the dr is predicting that she will be about the same size that Carter was when he was born (roughly 7-11)
- She is sitting in the correct position (head down)…but is straight up and down – which accounts for some of my discomfort
- Some of my other discomfort is caused by the fact that her one foot is firmly planted into my liver (no worries baby, mommy has done a lot of damage to that particular organ too)

All in all – a successful visit. Now…we sit…and wait…and I eat…and get fat …er.

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