Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter 2010

It just occured to me that I haven't posted any Easter Pictures yet. What kind of terrible awful mother doesn't realize that she hasn't posted Easter Pictures? This one. This terrible awful mother that also skipped her toddlers baby gym class this week because she "felt too fat and uncomfortable" to go. Yup...that's me.

Regardless, here is a photo of Carter and the Easter bunny. Please took much bribery to get this to work.

On a side note, who else thinks the drapery behind the bunny are really weird and lame? The white picket fence is fitting for Easter ... but the fiesta looking curtains at the top ... what's up with those?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Jimmy must be my new legs

The not-so-nice part about being pregnant is the ... well not-so-nice stuff that comes with it (mainly in the third trimester – well…the puking in the first trimester isn’t all fluffy clouds and kittens either).

I happened to notice (while appreciating that I could still see at least a portion of my legs last night) that my legs have turned a funny pinkish-purpley color…and are all spotted with white dots. And my skin looks all stretchy and sausage-like.

This isn’t so much the stuff that makes me want to skip out of the bathroom singing “goodie…a funny colored stretchy skin thing is going on - on the one remaining part of my lower extremities that I can still actually see ... maybe this is a GOOD omen!”

Nope…instead this makes me want to google the crap out of what this new discoloration could mean. Which means one thing ... I’m about to embark on the land of stupid and highly unqualified opinions on the internet. Yup – you try googling this issue …I guarantee you won’t get some brilliant OB doctor explaining something rational. Nope…you’re bound to get some crazy person that felt the need to share their opinion about how skin discoloration during pregnancy means the world is coming to an end…and Obama is an alien….and if you just bought more Amway…this wouldn’t have happened to you…you must be a democrat…and a crack-smoking, society-mooching meth addict that has permanently screwed up your baby…and this punishment was sent directly from god.

You can thank me later for not posting a picture with this post.

Pregnant in the Park

One of the nice parts about being ridiculously large and pregnant is being able to sit back and watch Carter play. Usually I am playing with him (read: chasing him) through the park and on play equipment.

But now (well, as long as someone else is around (thanks daddy and Trad)) … I get to sit back, watch, take pictures, and enjoy watching Carter have fun.

And when it's time to leave ... I'm not the a-hole that's picking him up mid-tantrum and forcing him into the car.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cleveland Public Theatre - with a toddler

Last week, Carter was lucky enough to be invited (thank you Uncle Trad) to go play at the Cleveland Public Theatre. And by "play at" - I mean ... run around and explore ... while Trad chased him and pregnant fat mommy sat in one spot festering about her ever expanding ankles.
He got to run on the stage (which he loved), play with the lighting computer (which he loved ... sorry Uncle Trad), run up and down the stairs (which Trad's leg muscles didn't love), and learn about lighting.
Do we have a future theatre enthusiast on our hands? My guess is, yes.