Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playdates: They're not just for kids anymore

Chad had to go on a work trip this past weekend to New Orleans … so Carter and I had some playdates (to make sure Carter got to play a lot and mommy got to have conversations with people that said more than 3 words).

We met and hung out with his buddy Bradley – you can see how they pick up on each other’s isms with the ‘cheers’ here.

We went to a local fish fry with grandma G.

And Chris came over on Saturday to hang out. He rough-housed with Carter so mommy could sit and relax some, he helped put Carter down for his nap. And then hung out with this mommy for some much-needed adult conversation (read: gossiping about trash reality tv…which we watched on the couch while stuffing our faces with subs and girl scout cookies).

Moral of the blog post: Playdates = sanity.

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