Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paying the sitter with eye shadow...

One of the strangest parts of being pregnant is the pregnancy induced dreams. You really have some crazy crazy dreams when pregos. I could write a whole blog on my weird dreams while pregnant…but they’re not all interesting (haa…not that my blog is always interesting).

These two dreams in particular are from this week – and seemed extra strange to me.

1.) The Eye Shadow Dream:
In this dream, everything seemed quite normal to start. Chad and I were going to run out to look for baby cribs and had hired a babysitter to come hang with Carter. Well, apparently Chad was going to take care of paying the sitter when we got home – and I ran to the bathroom (see, the dream seems very real).

When I came back from the bathroom, I asked Chad how much he paid her and he responded, “two compacts.” This seemed odd. I said, “Two compact whats?” And he looked annoyed…like I should have understood what he was saying. Well…the conversation seemed to end there…until the next morning when I was getting ready and couldn’t find my eye shadow. So I started searching through drawers to find it. Then, Chad walked into the bathroom and said, “I told you – I paid the babysitter with compacts…it was your eye shadow compacts.”

I guess he gave her my good eye shadow (my Bobby Brown and Chanel (see Hali…are you proud of me?)). I was furious. “Do you know how much money you just gave her? Not to mention…now I’ll be ugly!”

His only response, “I never liked those colors anyways.”

So this could mean one of three things (well, it could mean a lot…but in my head…it’s one of these things)

1.) Chad thinks I’m ugly (pregnant chrissy = insecure chrissy)
2.) Chad hates my eye shadow (pregnant chrissy = insecure chrissy)
3.) I’m obsessed with eye shadow. It’s the one makeup ritual I don’t want to skip.


2.) The Plymouth Rock Dream:
In this dream – we had left Carter with a babysitter too (you can see…I don’t get out very often … because in my head … all hell breaks loose when I leave Carter with a sitter). And in this dream too, we were out looking for a crib (must be my brain is fixated).

Well, we got a call from the sitter saying that she couldn’t find Carter. Naturally, we rushed home. As we drove up to our house – we saw cop cars everywhere (and our noisy neighbors standing around speculating … yet not looking too surprised).

Turns out – Carter had packed up his bag and left a note saying that he didn’t feel loved since we were having a new baby … so he ran away from home. Doesn’t take a dream dictionary to see why I had this dream … but it’s still disturbing.

So we all started our search for my one and a half year old that packed his own bag and wrote us a note (yet doesn’t talk yet). Finally, a few hours later he was found at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts (he moves fast).

And the strangest part was, there were other babies with him – who were also angry about getting siblings. So I guess Plymouth Rock is where you go when you’re angry about getting a sibling.

Luckily, Trad and Michael live in Boston now and drove out there in a flash and picked him up ... and had a long talk about running away from home and how a sibling doesn’t equal less love.

Thanks guys!

Mommy loves you Carter...don't run away from home

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