Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This past weekend we were lucky enough to make it up to see my family in Michigan. My grandma’s 100th birthday was last month and we had to miss the big party. So we went up this weekend and party partied with my parents, grandma and my aunt and uncle.

Carter of course was in true entertainer form. Saying ‘Hi’ to everyone at the dinner table – to the point that we realized we were his human orchestra and he was orchestrating our replies like we were his minions.

And great grandma was in true form - insisting that Carter have ice cream after dinner (if grand parents get to spoil grandkids ... great grandparents REALLY get to spoil them).

Carter getting cookie #500 from his great grandma

Carter - just after cookie #400 - from grandpa

Mommy - inspecting the messy little man's face after dinner

AND – because we told the family that we’re having a little girl, my mom (the world’s biggest pack rat) whipped out all of my old dresses (which were pristinely pressed, laid in tissue and stored), teddy bears, creepy dolls (I hate dolls and clowns ... HATE THEM), tea sets (that have been passed down through the family … and are actual hand-painted china (where could that go wrong?)), and of course – my little girl (read: princess) furniture (which we hauled back to Ohio in a U-haul trailer).

Carter and elmo ... chillin' on the car ride back to Ohio

We really had a nice time seeing everyone. And we promise to get up to Michigan more often (and for a longer stay next time).

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