Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Heart Potty Training

The Potty Chart (prior to the stickers being added).
A special thanks to my mom and dad for paying for that art degree!

I don’t know if we’re doing this right. I can’t guarantee that someday he won’t be sitting in his therapists chair saying, “and then they made me this weird yellow chart coaxing me to sit on the potty, pressuring me to use it, guilting me with stickers to wash my hands – I just felt that I NEEDED to get that next sticker...I HAD to have the sticker.”

What I do know is … Carter used the potty. Did he understand what he was doing, who knows. Who remembers the show Herman’s Head from the early '90s? If you don’t remember it – it was all about these people that lived in some poor man’s head (not as strange as Being John Malkovich…but along those lines…but more of a comedy). And they would all discuss things and it would effect his decisions, blah blah blah. And I guess it was like hearing him think. Well, I would love to hear Carter think. I would love to know how he processes the things we throw at him. Does he understand the potty? Is he excited about it? Does he think he’s going to get sucked down into some pit of sewage? Does the “potty book” we read to him 500 times a day help? Who knows.

AND not only did he use the potty…he has used it for three days straight now. THREE DAYS PEOPLE. Not for every single bodily function (that’s a lot of information…sorry Carter). But he sits on it before his bath, and uses it like a pro. And each day, mommy dances around in the bathroom and jumps up and down (sorry unborn baby girl), claps, yells, dances, you name it.

I’m talkin’ Rhodes scholar here people. Successfully being potty trained at 19 months…watch out world…my kid learns fast! This week, potty…next week…whole world domination (should I add that to his chart…if so, what type of sticker would one use to praise that).

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