Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is a big week for the GotFam:

It’s gender week. We officially find out the gender of the sea monkey tomorrow. And surprisingly, I have been able to contain my excitement for months (we could have found out quite awhile ago…but there were no ultrasound openings).

But now, all of the sudden…I find myself pacing in front of the future nursery wondering what color we’re going to be painting. What theme we’ll go with, what he or she will look like, what name we’ll pick, etc etc etc.

I am beyond excited.

And it seems to be bringing on another type of emotion too. It’s making me look at how much Carter has grown up. And I’m starting to get a little sentimental. He’s going to be a big brother. My little man.

Carter - 1 week old
It’s been he and I during the day for so long…I’m wondering how the dynamic will change. One thing’s for sure…he’s always going to be mommy’s special special man.

Carter - 18 months old

Hear that future girlfriends?! I’ll kick some nasty skank ass if you touch my special man (ahh…how I can bring a cute and tender moment back to reality)!

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Michael said...

YAY!!!! Princess Sea Monkey!!!!