Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things we need…like we need a hole in the head

Another pet would be a good example of something Chad and I need … like we need a hole in the head.

Driving home from the grocery store (that I never actually made it inside of…because I instead slid across their driveway and into a curb…and then couldn’t get turned around…so we went to target instead) today…I found a dog. A tiny, cute, innocent, super cold, and super lost dog. It had been running through the very snowy street with a much larger dog, who jumped the curb and ditched his buddy when cars came up (jerk).
So the tiny, cold, cute puppy did what any tiny, cute, cold critter would do. It froze (I feel the need to clarify given all of the snow we have had…it “stopped moving”) in the middle of the street. And everyone else drove around him! Who drives around a puppy in a snow storm…when the puppy clearly can’t get up onto any sidewalk? Geez...kharma people...KHARMA.

So, Carter and I stopped and grabbed up the puppy. We drove around (with the puppy on my lap) a little while looking for worried puppy parents…and finally found them. Apparently “those darn kids” let the dogs out…and the puppy had followed the big dog directly into the street to play in snow (which goes to show that my dog isn’t the dumbest dog out there…love ya Layla).

Moral of the story…"it’s always the kids fault." Or…"always stop for animals...or I will blog curse you to have bad kharma." Or…"should have tried to find another entrance to the grocery store…because Carter’s cute new pants from Target are not going to taste very good for dinner tonight."

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