Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This photo is actually from after a dinnertime tantrum. Carter ended dinner by plastering his food all over himself...and daddy is cleaning that mess up here.

For many of you – it may be painfully obvious that Carter is not only our first child…but neither Chad nor I have a lot of experience with children. I wasn’t an avid babysitter as a teenager – I can’t exactly account for my time as a teenager …I guess I sat around in coffee shops discussing "important" things. I knew everything back then. And Chad…well, I don’t know what he did with his time either – but I can assume it involved alcohol and/or sports.

But, this lack of experience should explain why we’re amazed by each and every milestone, each tantrum, each…well… everything. And this is why I’m always asking friends and family for advice on certain subjects. I don’t want to mess the kid up too bad.

So, dear readers, here is my latest obstacle. Tantrums. We have been struggling with teaching Carter the word “no” for quite some time. But now – it has turned into full blown tantrums. Over…EVERYTHING. And I know some of you are chuckling to yourselves saying “it’s just his age…” and maybe it is…but there has to be some pseudo solution. I’d even accept a band aid for the problem at this point.

Here is the source of yesterday mornings tantrums:

- I told him he couldn’t feed the dog his breakfast
- I took away his sippy after he threw it at the dog (a few times)
- I tried to put his coat on
- I tried to put his hat on
- Don’t get me started on the gloves
- I tried to put him in his carseat
- I tried to take him out of his carseat when we got to the store
- I told him to stop pulling clothing off the racks at the store
- I tried to put him in his car seat again
- I tried to take him out of it again
- I tried to put his bib on
- I tried to feed him his lunch (he wants to do it himself)
- He wanted to get out of his highchair
- He wanted to pound on the tv and I said no

Sadly – there were more than this. But you get the point.

So…what is a mommy (who is anti-spank) to do? I am a few tantrums away from dvr-ing every single episode of Nanny 911 and Supernanny just to get ideas.

I have been trying time-outs…but at 18 months…let’s just say - it’s just not working well.
And yes, I know we have done this to him by giving him every little thing he wants…and now he’s all, “look bitches…I own you – don’t try to discipline me now.” But I also don’t want him to turn into one of those ridiculous teenagers on teen cribs that has everything and thinks the world owes him even more. Or worse yet – what if one day he turns into a republican?!

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