Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing his trump card:

Well, Carter’s bronchitis is now pneumonia. We found this out after he spent the entire morning and afternoon yesterday crying, hitting his chest and crying more. The only time he would calm down was when I bathed him. So … he spent much of the morning in the bath. But after he wouldn’t eat, sleep or stop crying – I gave up and brought him back to the doctor where they diagnosed him with pneumonia … and the double ear infection. Our poor little man.

When getting back from the doctor’s office and pharmacy, he seemed to have perked up a tiny bit. Enough to want a snack (his cheddar bunnies – for those of you that are not familiar with the bunnies…they’re basically organic, expensive gold fish crackers – that Carter prefers WAY above gold fish). And quite frankly – if he wants me to have a full sized dump truck back up our driveway and drop off 3 tons of cheddar bunnies…I’ll find a way to make that happen. I feel so bad for him.

So I handed him enough bunnies to last at least 30 seconds while he wandered around making sure all of his toys were still there (something he tends to do when we arrive home from any length of outing).

Knowing very well that he has some form of trump card – he finds a way to reach the entire box off the counter (he grabbed it when I was vacuuming the family room and didn’t notice what was happening). Needless to say – in the time I turned off the vacuum and checked on him (if I say 30 seconds had lapsed…I would be exaggerating…20 seconds may be more correct) ... this had happened.

He has pneumonia. He could have smashed his bunnies on an original Picasso painting and I would have forgiven him. So I scooped him up and told him that he is precious and mommy loves him.

For some reason - I get the feeling this will happen again ... but next time it will be my fault.

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Michael said...

Poor monkey, we love you!