Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Another Cleveland Blogger

Yup. That’s me. Another Cleveland Blogger. Another Cleveland Blogger that thinks Forbes can suck it. “Most miserable city”… I take it the writers at Forbes don’t get out a lot … because I have to highly doubt that Cleveland is seriously the most miserable city in the U.S.

Let’s go over some of their reasons for Cleveland being "miserable" – and why I think they can ‘suck it’ about these reasons:

1.) Corrupt politicians: Umm…are there non-corrupt politicians? I don’t know where to start on this.
2.) Weather: I guess I am unsure on where to start on this too. Are we not like every other city in the northern part of the country? Should we just say the northern party of the country is the most miserable part of the country? Oh wait…nope…the south definitely got snow this winter as well. In fact – didn’t Florida freeze over? AND - Isn’t Forbes/US located in New York? And umm ... isn't the weather the same in New York as it is here? I’m confused on this.
3.) Sports: I have a serious issue with this. How on earth are we suppose to take anyone seriously that uses sports as a determining factor in where to live? It’s sports people…throwin’ a ball around. You can tell I am not a huge sports fan…but I can’t imagine anyone would let sports dictate where they intended on living…unless they were paid to play sports in said city. I hate it when people make cat coughing noises when I say I grew up in Michigan. Yup – two colleges play a sport against each other…and one of those colleges is in Ohio and one is in Michigan. Now shut it about their lame rivalry…there is more to life than sports.
4.) What was their other criterion ... let me see ... high unemployment. Again ... I don’t see how Cleveland is worse than other cities. Are you telling me Gary Indiana beat out Cleveland in employment?

I just don’t understand how some of the positives of cities were not taken into consideration. How about the fact that we have some of the best ranked hospitals in the country…and world? How about the fact that we have Dennis Kucinich? He may be weird, he may have a dead thing on his head…but come on…he’s SUPER funny. And how about the fact that the west siders and the east siders act like they’re across the country from each other ... this is funny shit people. FUNNY SHIT.

Some other good things about Cleveland that shouldn’t be overlooked:
- Great Lakes Brewing company – seriously…show me a better Christmas Ale
- THE ARTS … I could go on and on about the arts in Cleveland
- Sunday drinking at Shooters
- Close proximity to Canada…and New York. Beat that Chicago!
- The Metro Parks. The Metro Parks seem to go on forever in Cleveland. The picture below is from a picnic we had with Trad and Michael in the Metro parks. If you have not been to Cleveland - or have not been to the Metro me when I say - the park system is huge and beautiful.

- And ok…I said I’m not a huge sports fan …but Browns Fans rock. They’re just full of funny drunken awesomeness. They just are. The picture below is from Carter's first Browns Game.

- The Cleveland Zoo. The picture below is from this past weekend. Yup - we braved the "miserable" Cleveland weather and went to the zoo. And we had a blast.

- Within 20 minutes of downtown, you can buy Amish cheese.
- The lakefront. This picture (below) was taken from the Lakewood board walk (a few months ago).

- The strange language difference (seriously…who else uses the phrase “tree lawn”). I love it.
I honestly could go on…and maybe I will post more in the future. But I wanted to get my opinion out there – and tell people to think this through before judging Cleveland too much.

And p.s. it’s been a LONG time since the river caught fire. Stop bringing up old shit. Seriously … Forbes didn’t have to go all angry-wife on us.

And p.s.s I actually like the photo that they showed to represent Cleveland’s crappy weather. Some people like snow. Some people like living near a lake.

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