Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guinness Mind Games:

I put corned beef in the crock-pot this morning for tonight's dinner… and my recipe called for a little Guinness (shhh…don’t tell my doctor). Well, the real problem with this is that now there are three other Guinness cans in our fridge. And every time I open the refrigerator door they’re all, “Don’t you wish your water was as tasty as us…don’tcha…ohhhh…don’tcha!?”

And yes – I could have gone to a liquor store and bought just one can. But walking into a liquor store pregnant … carrying a toddler is maybe too tacky … even for me.

Chad’s going to have to do me a favor and eliminate these tonight - before they torment me with their mind games any longer. I’m sure he’ll be pretty broken up about this personal favor I’m asking of him.

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