Thursday, January 28, 2010

You know you’re a mom when:

Carter has been sick. Sick sick sick. As has this mommy (which is a source for much hormonal rage this week). You see, this weekend is my grandma’s 100th birthday and we had planned a trip to Michigan to see her on her birthday. Well, this can’t happen if two of us are sick. We will be racing to get better and making a last minute decision on the trip. Until then, we’re crossing our fingers and filling our humidifiers.

I say, “you know you’re a mommy when…” for a very good reason though.

Carter has been having a hard time sleeping and is basically just miserable all around. So, when he started coughing really hard today during pre-nap book time…I patted him gently on the back and just kept telling him that he was ok. Well, then he threw up. And I am somewhere between ‘happy to report’ and ‘grossed out to report’ that I was really excited that he had thrown up. I mean, he doesn’t know how to spit out phlem (should I have warned you that this post would include words like phlem and throw up…or should you just know to expect it at this point). So I was literally ecstatic that he got it out. Maybe not so ecstatic that it was all over my shirt. But the bigger picture was, he got it out … and that is good.
Moral of today’s post: You know you're a mom when you're excited over throw up.
Second Moral of todays post (that's me....packin' my posts with morals...i'm like one big freaking episode of Full House): Less Phlem is good.

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Wendy said...

may I add? when you are unphased by the fact that your child has wiped their snotty nose on your shirt and don't run to change as you know it will happen again. And when mealtime messes left on your shoulder by your little one are merely considered accessories to the outfit, adding character.