Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sea Monkey

I haven’t been blogging a lot about the sea monkey lately (for those of you that are asking yourselves what/who the Sea Monkey's our nickname for the little bun in the oven).

Not because I am not excited. I certainly am excited. It's more that I don't have a lot to report. This pregnancy has been very uneventful thus far. Which, in the pregnancy world … is a very good thing. I did have normal morning sickness and sleepiness in the first trimester and now have goofy aches and pains here and there …but everything has been just as it should be. Not that my pregnancy with Carter wasn’t special…it just woulda been nice had I not been on and off bedrest so much (always my crazy child Carter…)

As of this week though, I am officially half way there! I am 19 and a half weeks pregnant – and since I have to have another C-section (thanks a lot crappy student at University hospitals that closed up my last c-section wrong)…our next c-section will be scheduled at/around 39 weeks.

So, since we know when he/she will be born…now we just have to find out…if we should expect a he or a she.

We will officially find out the gender next month. And I promise to share. But, since I am impatient and can never wait for anything…I went seeking predictions online.

Here are some gender predictions:

- Chinese Gender predictor test: Girl
- Old Wives Tale Predictor test: Girl
- Babies Heart Rate Predictor: Girl
- Drug Store Early Prediction test results: Girl (I made Regina confirm this…sorry time I will tell you what you're looking at in my text messages before I ask you to identify the color)
- gender prediction test results: 45% girl / 54% boy (I guess margin of error for the last percent?)

All of these (factless) tests point towards girl. But that doesn’t really mean a lot right? Since they’re based on goofy things like planet alignment and how you pick up a coffee mug. So, I won’t be running out to buy tea sets and tiaras just yet. But…come February…watch out babys r us…baby needs a new pair-a-pink or blue-shoes.

Regardless of baby’s gender though – I can tell you this: he or she is currently the size of a tomato! I won't comment as to what size I am.

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