Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning

Ahhh … the house to myself. Chad and Carter have brought the jeep to the shop for the morning. I’m hoping maybe the jeep stays there.

I fully plan to utilize this time by myself. I’m going to leave my coffee cup near the edge of the table, steam clean carpets, blast old school rap music (with explicit language), leave gates open … I’m goin’ crazy.

Later this weekend you can plan to see one of the following posts:
A.) We hate the jeep – but the mechanics can’t find what is wrong with it…so we can’t justify buying a new car
B.) We hate the jeep and gave up on it and bought a new car
C.) We hate the jeep and plan to drag our feet on making a decision about it’s demise for a little while longer (until something terrible happens and we wish we’d picked either A or B)

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