Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Boston Post: The Wedding

When I started typing this post, I couldn’t help but want to spew off about how ridiculous I find closed-minded and/or sheltered-minded people. But what’s the point? You’ll always have those backwoods people that use religion, lack of education, lack of experience, lack of…well a brain … that will populate much of this country. Without them…we wouldn’t have things like trashy reality tv and people to sell bait worms at road side fishing stores. Without them…well it just wouldn’t be America would it?

But my post isn’t about them. In fact, it’s in spite of them. It’s about love. Yup – love. So if you’re anti-squishy readin’ today – click away.

When we were in Boston, we were lucky enough to go to/be a part of Trad and Michaels wedding. A wedding that should have been allowed to happen anytime, anyplace - but again…I won’t go into being angry about that. A wedding that was filled with love, religion, more love, some minor outburst from a certain one year old, friends, family and some very good food and wine.
I have always had quite a problem with organized religion. I guess I just tend to see the negative. I always see it causing wars and hatred. When really, there is so much more to it. This weekend, I got to see religion in a new light. Their wedding was (what I consider to be) quite religious …and quite beautiful. They had the most wonderful and caring preacher that made everyone (even me…little miss anti-religion) feel welcome and even wanted. Their ceremony was beautiful and extremely well thought out (the typical wedding readings were not just thrown in…they hand picked readings that meant something to them (I know this because I was honored to read a wonderful passage)).
Needless to say, it was all very very special. And we (I’m mainly looking at you here Chad) cried like little babies.

And…it was the first wedding that Carter was in.
He was the official little ring bearer. And, if I may say so, the cutest ring bearer ever. We all sort of wondered what wrath we had unleashed having a one and a half year old have such a big duty (haa…duty)…but he did great. He calmly walked the pillow up to Michael and calmly handed it to him…and then returned to sit down with us.
Nice job little man. Next, we’ll work on not throwing binkies at the altar during vows…but I won’t nit pick. ANNDD....yelling, "GO GO GO" during vows isn't great either...but again...not nit picking.

After the ceremony, we had quite possibly the most amazing food E-VAH. I don't quite remember what it all was, nor could I even pronounce what some of it was (man, that made me sound like I should be selling bait at a road side stand) ... but it was heavenly. For this pregnant woman, I was so busy enjoying the food that I forgot I was missing alcohol (that is not a small statement for me).

Congratulations Trad and Michael. You two are so very special to us and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of your big day. May you love, fester and nit pick at each other like every other married couple in America!
Note: A big thank you to my wonderful husband for the new camera that provided these pictures! You're the best! And so is my new Nikon D5000!

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