Sunday, January 31, 2010

Even Mommies make mistakes

Poor little Carter has been so sick that we finally called the doctor (well, again) last night. The nurse on call said that it sounded like it was finally time to bring him in. So, we packed him all up (snot rags and all) and brought him to a pediatrician (not his usual one) this morning.

The appointment may have been one of those fate appointments that “happened for a reason.”

The doctor checked him out and determined that he has a double ear infection and bronchitis (poor little man). But that wasn’t the most troubling part. When Chad brought Carter to see the fish tank in the lobby (Carter was pretty mad about having his ears checked out) the doctor and I started talking about…Carter’s lack of talking.

This has been an on-going cause for concern in our household. Carter will say a few words, but nothing like what an 18 month old should be saying. In fact, he had only started using two words when he was 9 months old. And I calmly brought it up to our pediatrician. Who blew it off as, “Carter not wanting to talk.” And then again, I brought it up (much less calmly) at Carter’s 12 month appointment. This time, the doctor claimed that I have enabled Carter to not start using words – by “always giving him everything he wants and not having him work for anything.” As if I should have shipped him off to some sweatshop to qualify for a sippy cup of juice in the morning.

But…in an attempt to not be the "psycho mom" … I listened to the doctor and started to tell Carter to “use his words” in order to get items (sippy cups, toys, you name it). Now, this just makes me feel guilty.

I’m ready to be the psycho mom now though.

The pediatrician today told me that he could have either hearing problems or Autism. Both of which could have been detected at his 9 month appointment.

So, I say this as calmly as I can (read: crying like a big baby). Moms, don’t ever let a “specialist” tell you that you’re doing something wrong. If you feel like something is wrong – push for tests. Push for answers. Be a bitch. Be psycho. You’re a mom…you’re entitled to be whatever you need to be in order to make sure your child gets the best care and opportunities that they deserve.

I may have failed Carter once by not being persistent enough. That won’t happen again.

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