Friday, January 15, 2010

Departure of the ducky

A long time ago (in baby time) we introduced Carter to his new bathing buddy. The ducky.

Prior to the duck he was in a weird, little, blue, plastic safety tub thing (which he quickly grew out of).

Carter, in his blue plastic tub - 8 weeks old.

The duck seemed to last a while though. And he grew attached. He loved loved his duck. He would happily sit in his duck and take his bath every night at the same time.

Carter meeting the ducky tub for the first time - 37 weeks old.

Taking a bath in the ducky tub - 38 weeks old.

Sadly, he kept growing. Until his little feet hung over the sides of the duck (geez…this makes me sound like I should have tossed the duck a LONG time ago…opps) and it became awkward to wash him. So we had to wean him off the duck. This process sounded very easy - in theory.

In the ducky, a few weeks ago...

But, we decided to wean him from the ducky while in Boston (nice thinkin’ mom and dad). Rather than it being a quick and easy weaning process of the ducky going bye bye…we sort of just threw him in a bathtub…in a new house…in a new state. You can imagine how well that went over.

A few weeks later…we seem to be doing slightly better...we have a glimmer of hope that he won't be begging for his inflatable ducky when he's 14 years old. Now, there is still a lot of standing up during bath time and some confusion as to what the drain and faucet are. But, it seems to be working out.
Some pics to prove that bath time isn't all bad these days:

This makes me unsure about the whole binky-weaning process. He is way more binky-dependant than he was duck dependant. Is it wrong of me to think that life will binky-wean him and I shouldn't worry about it? I mean ... it's not like anyone has ever seen a kid in college sucking on his binky right?

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