Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, we successfully made it to Boston in time to ring in the New Years.

Although, a handful of people in Utica New York may disagree with my terming our road trip "successful" as we stayed in a hotel there and Carter had to practice a little of the crying-it-out method.

We even brought all of the Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale and Dortmunder that we could find for our Great Lakes Beer-deprived friends. Here is how we looked on our way here (ok...there was really no trailer...but we had a lot of beer).

I can't say the roads were great in New York, but we got through. I will say this though, "GET A SNOW PLOW NEW YORK" or some freaking highway lights. Massachusetts snow cleanup puts you to shame New York ... S H A M E. I do have proof that the New York highway system has at least one snow plow it is.

More Boston posts to come. One very special one...

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Wendy said...

Whose that young man in your backseat? :)