Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boston: Part 2

A few years ago, new neighbors moved in next door to us in our rented townhome in Lakewood. It was right around Christmas when they moved in – so we really didn’t get much of a chance to get to know them well until the Spring thaw. Come Spring, we realized that we had met two very special people.

We hung out in their backyard almost every night on weekends, drank more than our fair share of Great Lakes beer and martinis, and talked about everything from politics to religion to the bi-polar lady that lived on the street behind the backyard fence.
Then, Chad and I bought our first home (less than 3 blocks away), we got engaged, we drank more, we got married, drank more, had Carter, drank more, and then decided to buy a new home…more than 3 blocks away.

Ok … so it was bad enough that we were a 20 minute highway drive … but then they moved. To Boston. B O S T O N. Seriously ... a 10 hour car ride? And ironically, they moved just before Christmas (ok ok….thanksgiving – but let’s not nit pick).

So off we went. Carter, almost ALL of his stuff, a couple packs of Great Lakes Brewing Company beer, and Chad and I … on a road trip to Boston.

Here is Carter plugging his ears (mommy and daddy were singing the wheels on the bus)

Carter Trashing Trad and Michaels house
Playing in the nonstop Boston snow
Foley and Maggie taking a break from the sippy cup beat down.

We were lucky enough to spend New Years with some very very good friends that we met years ago…right around Christmas time.
One last Boston Post to come...

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