Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Grandma (Great Grandma)!!

Happy 100th Birthday!!!

We Love You!!

And we plan to come up to visit (yea...a second birthday party) very soon (when Carter is feeling better).

Even Mommies make mistakes

Poor little Carter has been so sick that we finally called the doctor (well, again) last night. The nurse on call said that it sounded like it was finally time to bring him in. So, we packed him all up (snot rags and all) and brought him to a pediatrician (not his usual one) this morning.

The appointment may have been one of those fate appointments that “happened for a reason.”

The doctor checked him out and determined that he has a double ear infection and bronchitis (poor little man). But that wasn’t the most troubling part. When Chad brought Carter to see the fish tank in the lobby (Carter was pretty mad about having his ears checked out) the doctor and I started talking about…Carter’s lack of talking.

This has been an on-going cause for concern in our household. Carter will say a few words, but nothing like what an 18 month old should be saying. In fact, he had only started using two words when he was 9 months old. And I calmly brought it up to our pediatrician. Who blew it off as, “Carter not wanting to talk.” And then again, I brought it up (much less calmly) at Carter’s 12 month appointment. This time, the doctor claimed that I have enabled Carter to not start using words – by “always giving him everything he wants and not having him work for anything.” As if I should have shipped him off to some sweatshop to qualify for a sippy cup of juice in the morning.

But…in an attempt to not be the "psycho mom" … I listened to the doctor and started to tell Carter to “use his words” in order to get items (sippy cups, toys, you name it). Now, this just makes me feel guilty.

I’m ready to be the psycho mom now though.

The pediatrician today told me that he could have either hearing problems or Autism. Both of which could have been detected at his 9 month appointment.

So, I say this as calmly as I can (read: crying like a big baby). Moms, don’t ever let a “specialist” tell you that you’re doing something wrong. If you feel like something is wrong – push for tests. Push for answers. Be a bitch. Be psycho. You’re a mom…you’re entitled to be whatever you need to be in order to make sure your child gets the best care and opportunities that they deserve.

I may have failed Carter once by not being persistent enough. That won’t happen again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

If I watch anymore Nick Jr. I may explode

Carter and I have been trapped in the house since Tuesday. I guess we could go someplace to get out – but I always glare at those moms that bring their sick kids out. So, now I am at the mercy of my own wrath. If I were not such a judgmental jerk, this wouldn’t be a problem … I’d just pack Carter up and lug him around like all of the other moms around here.

Instead, we have built forts, put puzzles together, read books, practiced words, chased the dog, built with legos, learned to blow our nose (this didn’t work so well) and watched a LOT of Nick Jr. If I have to hear, “the phone, the phone is ringing…” one more time … or “swiper no swiping…” or, “don’t bite your friends,” I may throw up.

For those of you that are not subjected to these cartoons daily, these phrases are from The Wonder Pets, Dora the Explorer and Yo Gabba Gabba. Three of the dumbest cartoons ever. But Carter loves them.

I’ll give you a run down:

The Wonder Pets: A duckling, a guinea pig and a turtle all live in a one room school house by day and become animal saviors by night … well, it’s always light out – so early evening … maybe 4ish. They fly around in this poorly constructed lego-meets-tupperware-boat/plane. There are a lot of songs about team work and well ... other forms of team work while on missions to save baby (fill-in-the-blank) animals from impending doom (or just something scary…like their first day of preschool).

Pros: At times it’s cute (the baby animals can be cute). Plus – the writers can be pretty creative with background imagery.

Cons: The duckling has this annoying lisp and always messes words up (he (or she) always sings a part in the show that goes, “this is serious,” but it always comes out, “this is therious”). Which is cute if it’s your own kid - but when it’s a singing duck on your kids cartoon - you end up wanting to punch it after a few episodes.

Dora the Explorer: A girl and her monkey (named boots … because he wears some sort of moon boots) go on random and meaningless adventures. They are accompanied by a singing backpack, a singing map, various singing bugs and a fox that appears at less than opportune times and takes their shit.

Pros: I’ve got nothin’ here.

Cons: She spends a lot of time talking about a bush … in almost every episode.

Yo Gabba Gabba: I just have no words to describe this show. If you are on, have ever been on, or ever plan to be on drugs … this show may make sense to you. But I make no guarantees.

Pros: Watching this is like being on drugs.

Cons: Watching this is like being on drugs.

Friday, January 29, 2010

O.P.P...S (Overly Pregnant and Pretty Sick)

Dear Blog readers, I’m sick and pregnant.

And to make matters more...laced with emotional outrage (enter the pregnant part) I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time because I’m either:

A.) unable to breath
B.) needing to pee (or just peed myself a little...yea I said it)
C.) having stomach cramping
D.) listening to Carter cough
E.) a combination of all of the above

Thus, if my posts seem uncreative, bitter, or anything else unflattering…do know that I plan to return to my normal self soon enough.

I don't really have a related picture for this post. So I re-introduce you to my slightly altered self portrait. I like to call it "Me...Pregnant... 2.0"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You know you’re a mom when:

Carter has been sick. Sick sick sick. As has this mommy (which is a source for much hormonal rage this week). You see, this weekend is my grandma’s 100th birthday and we had planned a trip to Michigan to see her on her birthday. Well, this can’t happen if two of us are sick. We will be racing to get better and making a last minute decision on the trip. Until then, we’re crossing our fingers and filling our humidifiers.

I say, “you know you’re a mommy when…” for a very good reason though.

Carter has been having a hard time sleeping and is basically just miserable all around. So, when he started coughing really hard today during pre-nap book time…I patted him gently on the back and just kept telling him that he was ok. Well, then he threw up. And I am somewhere between ‘happy to report’ and ‘grossed out to report’ that I was really excited that he had thrown up. I mean, he doesn’t know how to spit out phlem (should I have warned you that this post would include words like phlem and throw up…or should you just know to expect it at this point). So I was literally ecstatic that he got it out. Maybe not so ecstatic that it was all over my shirt. But the bigger picture was, he got it out … and that is good.
Moral of today’s post: You know you're a mom when you're excited over throw up.
Second Moral of todays post (that's me....packin' my posts with morals...i'm like one big freaking episode of Full House): Less Phlem is good.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jilly!

Dear Jillian,

One year ago today - you were one day old. Your mommy and daddy were staring at you thinking, "wow...what now?"

And today - they're probably looking at you thinking something very similar.

You have had quite a year of firsts!
And just wait...there is SO much more fun to come!!
The GotFam loves you very much!! Happy 1st birthday!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank You

A long time ago (way pre-Chad), I had another blog. I won’t say what the address was … and I won’t say what I wrote about (it would be hard to say what I wrote about…since it was mainly random ramblings)…but I liked it. It was my own little journal, my own little spot in the world (wide web) where I could say what I wanted and feel like I had total anonymity – yet it gave me a sense of release because it was “published” somewhere. It was cool.

I got the idea to write a blog from Heather Armstrong of I have read her blog since she was single, living in LA and was a designer. She influenced me to start a blog and keep it updated. Monday through Friday, I would happily go to my cubicle at my corporate job at a real estate company (I say this because you should just know…it takes a lot to make you happy when you work for a real estate company…just trust me) and start up my computer to read And then I would hurry up and email my friends about how great dooce’s latest post was. As you can see…I worked hard at this real estate company. HARD.

Years and years and years later –Heather Armstrong’s blog has evolved into a mommy blog. And her blog is quite the force to be reckoned with. In fact, Heather was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 30 most influential women in media, along with Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey. So, the next time you laugh when you say the words “mommy and blogger” together…you just remember – one of the most influential women in media (heather…not me…I’m sort of just a mommy blogger schmuck in the realm of things).

Maybe someday I will be bigger in the social media, mommy blogging, blogging period, or even internet world. Maybe. Regardless, I enjoy blogging. So thank you for coming to my blog. You make this blog work.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning

Ahhh … the house to myself. Chad and Carter have brought the jeep to the shop for the morning. I’m hoping maybe the jeep stays there.

I fully plan to utilize this time by myself. I’m going to leave my coffee cup near the edge of the table, steam clean carpets, blast old school rap music (with explicit language), leave gates open … I’m goin’ crazy.

Later this weekend you can plan to see one of the following posts:
A.) We hate the jeep – but the mechanics can’t find what is wrong with it…so we can’t justify buying a new car
B.) We hate the jeep and gave up on it and bought a new car
C.) We hate the jeep and plan to drag our feet on making a decision about it’s demise for a little while longer (until something terrible happens and we wish we’d picked either A or B)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sea Monkey

I haven’t been blogging a lot about the sea monkey lately (for those of you that are asking yourselves what/who the Sea Monkey's our nickname for the little bun in the oven).

Not because I am not excited. I certainly am excited. It's more that I don't have a lot to report. This pregnancy has been very uneventful thus far. Which, in the pregnancy world … is a very good thing. I did have normal morning sickness and sleepiness in the first trimester and now have goofy aches and pains here and there …but everything has been just as it should be. Not that my pregnancy with Carter wasn’t special…it just woulda been nice had I not been on and off bedrest so much (always my crazy child Carter…)

As of this week though, I am officially half way there! I am 19 and a half weeks pregnant – and since I have to have another C-section (thanks a lot crappy student at University hospitals that closed up my last c-section wrong)…our next c-section will be scheduled at/around 39 weeks.

So, since we know when he/she will be born…now we just have to find out…if we should expect a he or a she.

We will officially find out the gender next month. And I promise to share. But, since I am impatient and can never wait for anything…I went seeking predictions online.

Here are some gender predictions:

- Chinese Gender predictor test: Girl
- Old Wives Tale Predictor test: Girl
- Babies Heart Rate Predictor: Girl
- Drug Store Early Prediction test results: Girl (I made Regina confirm this…sorry time I will tell you what you're looking at in my text messages before I ask you to identify the color)
- gender prediction test results: 45% girl / 54% boy (I guess margin of error for the last percent?)

All of these (factless) tests point towards girl. But that doesn’t really mean a lot right? Since they’re based on goofy things like planet alignment and how you pick up a coffee mug. So, I won’t be running out to buy tea sets and tiaras just yet. But…come February…watch out babys r us…baby needs a new pair-a-pink or blue-shoes.

Regardless of baby’s gender though – I can tell you this: he or she is currently the size of a tomato! I won't comment as to what size I am.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Departure of the ducky

A long time ago (in baby time) we introduced Carter to his new bathing buddy. The ducky.

Prior to the duck he was in a weird, little, blue, plastic safety tub thing (which he quickly grew out of).

Carter, in his blue plastic tub - 8 weeks old.

The duck seemed to last a while though. And he grew attached. He loved loved his duck. He would happily sit in his duck and take his bath every night at the same time.

Carter meeting the ducky tub for the first time - 37 weeks old.

Taking a bath in the ducky tub - 38 weeks old.

Sadly, he kept growing. Until his little feet hung over the sides of the duck (geez…this makes me sound like I should have tossed the duck a LONG time ago…opps) and it became awkward to wash him. So we had to wean him off the duck. This process sounded very easy - in theory.

In the ducky, a few weeks ago...

But, we decided to wean him from the ducky while in Boston (nice thinkin’ mom and dad). Rather than it being a quick and easy weaning process of the ducky going bye bye…we sort of just threw him in a bathtub…in a new house…in a new state. You can imagine how well that went over.

A few weeks later…we seem to be doing slightly better...we have a glimmer of hope that he won't be begging for his inflatable ducky when he's 14 years old. Now, there is still a lot of standing up during bath time and some confusion as to what the drain and faucet are. But, it seems to be working out.
Some pics to prove that bath time isn't all bad these days:

This makes me unsure about the whole binky-weaning process. He is way more binky-dependant than he was duck dependant. Is it wrong of me to think that life will binky-wean him and I shouldn't worry about it? I mean ... it's not like anyone has ever seen a kid in college sucking on his binky right?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Making Mommy and Daddy Proud

We have a little stripper on our hands ... let the fun begin.

Mommy's Proud Buddy.... don't be pressured to conform to society's pesky rules of being dressed in public. What do they (meaning: much of the rest of the world) know anyways?
On a side note: yes, yes I did have socks on him under footie pjs. I can't help but want to bundle him up constantly. My poor kid is probably always 20 degrees too warm.

Other State-isms

When you grow up and continue to live in one place – sometimes you may not notice your state-isms. Or, maybe you do…but you think everyone else is weird…and your state is normal. Or, perhaps you have noticed them and think they're as funny as I do. They're out there alright.

The other state-isms. The things we say or do differently from state to state. There could be whole books about this. It's such a funny topic (to me).

Some examples (I am grossly over generalizing here…but again…my blog):

In Ohio…there is a “Tree Lawn.” I don’t know if that is hyphened or one word or two…but it exists. And it’s the part of your lawn between the sidewalk and the road. My brother actually called my attention to this. Growing up in Michigan, we sort of just assumed that if there was grass, and it was within your property lines…it was just your “lawn…” no other description needed. Why “tree lawn?” There are not currently trees in that part of my lawn…but there are trees elsewhere. It’s one big puzzle to me.

In Massachusetts, the “emergency lane” is actually called the “breakdown lane” and can be used…during certain hours (read: whenever you feel like it). Just be warned, if you’re traveling through Massachusetts, people will fly past you in the emergency lane. Or, for people from this state …the “just another lane” lane.

In Georgia (I should say Atlanta here really) people don’t say they want a "pop" (in fact, just don't use the word pop in front of people from the south period) or a "soda." They all want a "Coke." And if you are at a restaurant and order a coke, the waiter/waitress will ask you “what kind?”

In Michigan, people are always going “out and about.” Which, now, having lived in Ohio for years, if I asked Chad where he were going and he replied, “Out and About,” I would assume he was blowing off my question. But in’s just another way of saying “running errands.”

On the non-verbal side of things…my brother and I constantly laugh at how different it is between Georgia and Ohio in a weather-sense. In Georgia, when there is an inch of snow, the weather people break into tv shows to have an emergency update that everyone should hurry out to buy bread and milk because the storm of the century is hitting. In Ohio, it’s considered a dusting…and nobody thinks twice about bread. In fact, it’s a small amount of snow – so people don’t think twice about much of anything with it…we don’t even really wipe off the wind shield if there is only an inch of snow…that’s what wind shield wipers are for.
A picture my brother snapped at an Atlanta grocery store (bread aisle) from a day when they were expecting an inch of snow.

Our backdeck on a day that the schools didn't even close. Poor Chad was shoveling to get some weight off the deck (who knows how much our deck supports can hold).
Another picture of our backdeck (on another day when the schools stayed open).
A final picture of our deck (it seems i like pictures of our deck). Sorry to have reflections...guess i could have turned the indoor lights off. The point of this picture really is to show you how deep the snow is - based on the shoveled pathway.
Another Ohio-ism: the mere term "plowing." Any type of snow removel to an deemed "Plowing." So, when Chad goes outside to shovel the driveway he says, "I'm going to go plow now..." and I picture him attaching an actual plow to the front of his car. So, based on this terminology...when I run outside to grab the mail, and kick some snow with the front of my boot...I guess that means I plowed the snow...right?

I could go on and on about this…and maybe you could too. Feel free to leave comments about other ism’s you have noticed…

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Boston Post: The Wedding

When I started typing this post, I couldn’t help but want to spew off about how ridiculous I find closed-minded and/or sheltered-minded people. But what’s the point? You’ll always have those backwoods people that use religion, lack of education, lack of experience, lack of…well a brain … that will populate much of this country. Without them…we wouldn’t have things like trashy reality tv and people to sell bait worms at road side fishing stores. Without them…well it just wouldn’t be America would it?

But my post isn’t about them. In fact, it’s in spite of them. It’s about love. Yup – love. So if you’re anti-squishy readin’ today – click away.

When we were in Boston, we were lucky enough to go to/be a part of Trad and Michaels wedding. A wedding that should have been allowed to happen anytime, anyplace - but again…I won’t go into being angry about that. A wedding that was filled with love, religion, more love, some minor outburst from a certain one year old, friends, family and some very good food and wine.
I have always had quite a problem with organized religion. I guess I just tend to see the negative. I always see it causing wars and hatred. When really, there is so much more to it. This weekend, I got to see religion in a new light. Their wedding was (what I consider to be) quite religious …and quite beautiful. They had the most wonderful and caring preacher that made everyone (even me…little miss anti-religion) feel welcome and even wanted. Their ceremony was beautiful and extremely well thought out (the typical wedding readings were not just thrown in…they hand picked readings that meant something to them (I know this because I was honored to read a wonderful passage)).
Needless to say, it was all very very special. And we (I’m mainly looking at you here Chad) cried like little babies.

And…it was the first wedding that Carter was in.
He was the official little ring bearer. And, if I may say so, the cutest ring bearer ever. We all sort of wondered what wrath we had unleashed having a one and a half year old have such a big duty (haa…duty)…but he did great. He calmly walked the pillow up to Michael and calmly handed it to him…and then returned to sit down with us.
Nice job little man. Next, we’ll work on not throwing binkies at the altar during vows…but I won’t nit pick. ANNDD....yelling, "GO GO GO" during vows isn't great either...but again...not nit picking.

After the ceremony, we had quite possibly the most amazing food E-VAH. I don't quite remember what it all was, nor could I even pronounce what some of it was (man, that made me sound like I should be selling bait at a road side stand) ... but it was heavenly. For this pregnant woman, I was so busy enjoying the food that I forgot I was missing alcohol (that is not a small statement for me).

Congratulations Trad and Michael. You two are so very special to us and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of your big day. May you love, fester and nit pick at each other like every other married couple in America!
Note: A big thank you to my wonderful husband for the new camera that provided these pictures! You're the best! And so is my new Nikon D5000!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boston: Part 2

A few years ago, new neighbors moved in next door to us in our rented townhome in Lakewood. It was right around Christmas when they moved in – so we really didn’t get much of a chance to get to know them well until the Spring thaw. Come Spring, we realized that we had met two very special people.

We hung out in their backyard almost every night on weekends, drank more than our fair share of Great Lakes beer and martinis, and talked about everything from politics to religion to the bi-polar lady that lived on the street behind the backyard fence.
Then, Chad and I bought our first home (less than 3 blocks away), we got engaged, we drank more, we got married, drank more, had Carter, drank more, and then decided to buy a new home…more than 3 blocks away.

Ok … so it was bad enough that we were a 20 minute highway drive … but then they moved. To Boston. B O S T O N. Seriously ... a 10 hour car ride? And ironically, they moved just before Christmas (ok ok….thanksgiving – but let’s not nit pick).

So off we went. Carter, almost ALL of his stuff, a couple packs of Great Lakes Brewing Company beer, and Chad and I … on a road trip to Boston.

Here is Carter plugging his ears (mommy and daddy were singing the wheels on the bus)

Carter Trashing Trad and Michaels house
Playing in the nonstop Boston snow
Foley and Maggie taking a break from the sippy cup beat down.

We were lucky enough to spend New Years with some very very good friends that we met years ago…right around Christmas time.
One last Boston Post to come...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, we successfully made it to Boston in time to ring in the New Years.

Although, a handful of people in Utica New York may disagree with my terming our road trip "successful" as we stayed in a hotel there and Carter had to practice a little of the crying-it-out method.

We even brought all of the Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale and Dortmunder that we could find for our Great Lakes Beer-deprived friends. Here is how we looked on our way here (ok...there was really no trailer...but we had a lot of beer).

I can't say the roads were great in New York, but we got through. I will say this though, "GET A SNOW PLOW NEW YORK" or some freaking highway lights. Massachusetts snow cleanup puts you to shame New York ... S H A M E. I do have proof that the New York highway system has at least one snow plow it is.

More Boston posts to come. One very special one...