Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Toast and Grandma

Disclaimer: this post may seem sad. But if you look deep enough - it’s actually very happy.

Christmas Eve night, my family and I sat down to a huge traditional meal (it’s our tradition to eat lasagna on Christmas Eve - the big turkey meal is on Christmas Day). And my dad made a toast - to keeping family traditions alive ... and I think it was the first time I realized that I was ready to talk about my grandma.

When I was on my blogging break a few weeks back - it was because I had rushed up to Michigan with the kids to see my grandma - who had fallen terminally ill. Everyone warned me that she most likely wouldn’t recognize us and wouldn’t be able to acknowledge us. In fact, she had gotten so bad that she couldn’t talk or move anymore. And we all knew what she wanted. To see the kids and I.

And see us she did. In fact, she not only saw us, she recognized us (she heard my voice before she could even see me - from across the room), she spoke to me, she moved her hand up to me to hold my hand, she laughed, she smiled and it was the most wonderful day. Three days after that, she died.

And this is where it became hard to blog about.

I have a lot of personal feelings about her and about our relationship (all truly wonderful) ... and quite frankly ... I have just decided to keep them personal. I hold them very dear and it’s very very hard to talk or blog about them.

So, for now, I’m just going to describe her (and perhaps you will see some of the things that made her so special through my descriptions).

Lynette Helen Mee: January 1910 - December 2010:

Lynette Mee was born Lynette Seelig in Northport Michigan in 1910. She was the youngest of 6 girls - born into a German family (her parents are seen below). She and her sisters were not your typical group of women in that time period. They were encouraged to learn (in fact, their parents wanted them all to go to college), to study, and to have fun. And all of those things she did quite well. She graduated high school at just 16 years old - as valedictorian of her class (she was also the captain of her high school basketball team(seen below)).After that, she packed up her steamer trunks and headed (via train) to Michigan State University (by herself). Seriously, at 16...I was still picking my nose and whining to my parents about how hard algebra was.

At 18 years old she graduated from college (from Western Michigan University - she had transferred when she decided to become a teacher (graduation picture below)) and started her first teaching job (with 51 first graders - all of which could successfully read at the end of the school year). Later in life (while working as a teacher and raising two children) she earned her Masters Degree in education (she loved teaching - see below).

Do you see a pattern of (over) achievement here?

She met my grandpa (who’s parents owned a resort (read: speakeasy)) and had a garden wedding at her childhood home (seriously, how cute is that?).

She was a wonderful mother (so I am told by my mom and uncle (and everyone else that knew her)), she was the most wonderful grandmother (I could go on and on about how amazing she was ... in fact, my friends and I still talk about how much fun she was at my wedding (see below)),

she was a wonderful teacher, cook, role model (not a day goes by that I don’t ask myself what my grandma would think of me, how she would handle something or what she would do), pool player, poker player (in fact, she laughed out loud when I visited her a few weeks back because I told her I was going to break her out and bring her gambling), and great-grandmother (here she is with Carter when he was 7 months old). Carter had the honor to meet her and play with her and she loved Carter dearly.

Avery however did not get much of a chance to know her. I really wish that she had. Avery does have a very special piece of her great-grandma though...her name.

Avery’s middle name is Lyn - after her great-grandmother Lynette.

And I will spend the rest of my life making sure she knows how special that name is - because of how special the person she was named after was.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ornament Exchange ... because that's how us bloggers roll

I signed up for an ornament exchange this year. And before you’re all “oh how desperate housewives of you” ok ... well ... hmm ... ok ... bite me, it’s fun. I like fun.

And on typical years (not so much this year) I love the holidays. I love decorating, drinking, cooking, seeing family and friends, drinking more, the smell of Christmas trees, decorating more, wrapping gifts, shopping for gifts (online), drinking more, dressing the kids up like mini santa’s, watching Christmas movies, eating too much....I love it all. I love the holidays.

So naturally, when fellow bloggers announced that they were doing an ornament exchange...I was all “oh too....i want in!” In fact, I started looking for the most ridiculous and/or asinine ornament that I could possibly find. And when that failed... I looked everywhere for an ornament that in some way related to blogging with no luck (maybe I should create one...and sell it for tons and become rich .... does it work that easy? No? Ok).

And so my search began ... for a fun and out-of-the-ordinary ornament. Now, if there is one thing to know about my husband around the Holidays, well ... no, there are three main things to know about Chad around the holidays:

1.) He loves Christmas music. As does his best friend (hi Wang - by the way Wang, Chad said to tell you that our tree is "husky"... not sure what that means). They sing Christmas songs year round. In fact, they sang them at our wedding - on the bus from the wedding reception to the hotel (and people still bring this up).

2.) He loves Chevy Chase movies - specifically Christmas Vacation.

3.) He loves the Moose Mugs from Christmas Vacation (do you see where this is going?)

He loves them so much that two years ago I went on a mad search of the internet to find them for him. And long story short, we now have moose mugs that come out every Christmas.

Naturally, when I saw that amazon had moose mug ornaments ... I had to buy one. And what better way to share the moose-mug-joy than through this ornament exchange?

So, you can imagine my confusion when I opened the box from my ornament exchange buddy (Terri) and it was a moose mug ornament. I sort of scratched my head, looked at the packaging slip, scratched my head more, looked at the slip more ... and this went on for entirely too long before I finally realized that she had sent me the same exact ornament.

The coincidence is somewhat unbelievable to me. But it was a much needed laugh. Great minds think alike I guess. That ... or Chad and I are not the only ones that think Christmas Vacation is a funny movie (I like to think it's the 'great-minds' version though).

I have to point out - this is the statement on the side of the ornament box...

Note: Special thanks to Karen and Shannon for putting on the ornament exchange.

Yet another note: The blogging community has been so very supportive in this very difficult time. And I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate it. Love you guys!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maclaren Toy Reviews: Post 1

Well, who'd a thunk it ... someone actually wants my opinion. Ok, well ... my kids opinions.

The kids were chosen as official Maclaren Kid Testers for two Maclaren products. And, as I have always loved Maclaren, I happily signed up and eagerly awaited for my package (seriously, I should be able to use the word “package” without laughing at some point in my adult life right?) to arrive. Unfortunately, then last week happened (which I am still not ready to blog about ... thus I am just going to go on blogging - and blog about last week when I am good and ready).

Needless to say, the Maclaren package-of-fun has been sitting in our foyer teasing us for over a week.

Well, we finally opened it tonight:

Carter’s toy is called the ‘Arctic Puzzle’ (designed by David Netto - which makes design dorks like me jump up and down)... and is absolutely adorable.


You know how there are two types of toys? The ones that look cheap (like you will throw them away within the year - but not before they leave a trail of broken pieces throughout your house that your cat will more-than-likely eat and then throw up in your living room in front of guests) ...

... and than the ones that look like your kids will have them forever and someday hand it to their kids and say, "I remember throwing this at your aunt when I was a did I get in trouble for that" well, this looks like it would be one that Carter will one day hand his kids. Which I can appreciate - quality kid products are hard to find these days.

Carter immediately grabbed the puzzle and dumped all of the pieces out (stomped on them, threw two pieces at the couch, drove his dump truck over the polar bear, made a train out of the puzzle pieces and then yelled “CHOO CHOO” for about ten minutes, stomped on them more) and then started to put the pieces back into the puzzle.

Avery’s toys are two separate stroller/car seat toys called “Travel Companions.” They are made up of three (on each set) stuffed toys that look like different things (i.e. a bunny,

a plane, a race car, etc).

They came with little story-like description cards that are just as cute (and imaginative) as the toys themselves (I love toys that have little add-on specks of entertainment for parents too).

I have not yet had a chance to attach them to her stroller or car seat - so I just handed them to her to see what her reaction was. She immediately crammed them in her mouth and started happily munching away (no big shocker there... that kid would put a living skunk in her mouth if she could get her hands on one). But they kept her entertained for quite a while - which in 6 month old terms of entertainment ... is a very very good thing.

All in all... the initial reaction seems good. Very very good.

More posts on these products to come (lets see what my little monsters...*cough*...children will do)

More Info: Yes, Maclaren is most well known for their strollers...but they obviously have other cool stuff too. Feel free to pa ruse their website for more information.

Disclaimer: Maclaren sent me these products to review. No other compensation was received. They did not tell me what to write, imply that I had to write any particular thing (i.e. good reviews - in fact - they asked for honest reviews (which is all I am capable of anyways)), threaten to force me to listen to Michael Bolton music for hours on end if I didn’t write certain key words or happy-sounding phrases. In fact, when I told them that I would be delayed in writing anything (due to an illness and then death in the family) they were not only understanding - but also wonderfully sympathetic. Rock on Maclaren... Rock on.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry for my delay in blogging. I will be back soon:

I’m sorry blogging world. I have cancelled the 12 days of Christmas posting series (maybe next year it will work out).

I am working on writing a very difficult post about a very difficult week (that will explain). But I’m just not ready yet. My apologies. I’m just not ready yet.

In the mean time...I am going to eat my weight in butter-flavored popcorn. Because it makes me happy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas

For the month of December, I will (sporadically) be posting a “12 Days of Christmas” Series (and I promise pictures will return soon).

Now, i’ll be honest, I’m not going to do twelve consecutive days. Because let’s be honest, things get hectic around the holidays (and in a house with two kids under three - or just two kids period). So, I am just going to give myself a little just-in-case-someone-gets-sick-and-our-house-turns-into-a-poopfest-or-a-kid-refuses-to-nap-and-turns-into-a-three-headed-monster-and-I-end-up-hiding-in-the-basement leeway.

The twelve days series will be things families with kids can do around the holidays. However, they won’t be location specific. I may refer to locations - but all activities I am planning will be things that anyone can do (with small variations) anywhere in the country or world (ok, smarties ... there are probably some places throughout the world that may not work. So, I’ll rephrase - “The vast majority of you will be able to do these activities” - the rest of you - if you cannot do one of these activities, feel free to email me and I will make an alternative suggestion catered to your location).

This fun series will be coming to a blog near you (ok...this blog...I just like 'a-something-near-you' as a sounds so official) sometime next week (read: when I get around to starting it). So be sure to check back.

It won’t start tomorrow though - I promise you this. Tomorrow, I will be spending the day trying to figure out why my jeep quit working (again)...and also at the department of motor vehicles renewing my license...that I didn’t realize had expired. And since neither of those things are fun...or something that I would suggest to anyone (that I like) won’t see a holiday related post from me tomorrow. In fact, if you see a post tomorrow I can pretty much guarantee that it will just be about how much I hate my jeep or the dmv.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Put some 'Tussin on it

I don’t know how many of you are Chris Rock fans ... but if you are - you may have seen the “put some tussin on it” skit. And if so, i’m in luck ... because you may just understand me a tiny bit more from having seen that skit.

You see, I grew up in a family where there were two fix-it-all’s ...and they were:

1.) Vicks Vapor Rub

2.) Solarcaine

Now, I don’t think Solarcaine is even sold any more (which should say something onto itself). But if you remember it - you know that it’s spray (made up of misc ingredients that seem to disinfect, cleanse, heal and protect (shit, who knows what else it was capable of... maybe it could change my kids diapers, or better yet - potty train them ... I wonder if it would disinfect the diaper genie. I digress)).

And if you haven’t heard of Vicks Vapor Rub, then you live in a cave. It’s magical. Fairies must mix it at night when we sleep ... because it seriously works wonders. If you’re a fan of the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ it is my equivalent to Windex.

Or, if you like Chris Rock’s “tussin” skit ... it’s my tussin. I love it. I would eat it if it didn’t taste so nasty. I put it on my nose (which the box clearly says not to do), I put it on my neck, my chest, my kids necks, my kids chests, in my kids humidifiers, in wall-plugins, hell ... i’d wipe it on the carpets and furniture if I could (Chad drew the line).

If only febreeze read my blog ... they would for sure make a Vicks Vapor Rub scented spray. A girl can dream.

What is your “fix-all?” I’d love to hear some good ones. Leave a comment, email me (gotfam.blogspot@gmail dot com), twitter me (@mygotfam) or well, that’s about it. I love me some good why-people-are-weird-like-me stories.

Note: Please pardon the lack of pictures this week. I am still working on switching things over to my new computer.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello LOVA (Read: mac)

This is my first ever post from my brand new Mac Book Pro. I can’t seem to come up with words to describe the awesomeness that is Mac. Or am I suppose to call it Apple? Crud, I don’t even know the lingo yet. I’m so uncool.

I won’t go on about how much I disliked my Dell - because in all honesty ... it was a great machine (plus, if you have read this blog before - you’ve read all of my opinions about Dell already and more than likely want me to shut up about it). My particular Dell didn’t suck. Dell just sucks - as a whole ... as a company (that doesn’t make it sound any better - but it’s my honest opinion (that, and the fact that Dell is run by a bunch of a-hole ass monkeys ... again ... just my opinion (based on my experiences with them)). But that’s not what this post is about.

As a matter of fact, there is no particular point to this post outside of ... I'm excited that I have a mac - I’m even more computer dorky than before (stop laughing ... YES, that is possible). But I am excited. Beyond excited. What a wonderful birthday present - from my wonderful husband.

I just have been wondering for awhile if Chad sort of woke up and thought, “I’m going to go buy my wife a mac today.” Or if it was something that he thought about for awhile. He had given me hints for a few days that my present was “something material” that I “really wanted.”

So I had guessed new boobs. Don’t judge me. I’ve had two kids...gravity plus two kids...well, I’ll just leave it at “gravity plus two kids” (plus, me being vain...but I’m the only one allowed to say that).

In fact, we had had a little guessing game going on. It went like this:

Chad: What do you want for your birthday?

Me: A new toilet for upstairs

Chad (glaring at me): no seriously

Me: I am serious. I’d prefer you didn’t spend money on my birthday. It’s not like this is some milestone cares about birthdays anymore...lets get a new toilet - we need it.

Chad (looking annoyed): I’m not buying you a toilet

-------------we ended up buying a toilet anyways....funny how homes that are less than 20 years old fall apart----------------------

And then it continued:

Chad: So do you have any idea what your birthday present will be?

Me: No, give me a hint

Chad: It’s material and you want it really bad

Me: And it’s not a toilet

Chad (obviously sick of hearing about the toilet):’s not a toilet

------------A few hours later as Chad was out shopping with the kids (and Uncle Trad and Uncle Ben)-----------------------------

Me (via text message...just to mess with him): I figured it out - it’s new boobs!

Chad: Ha ha..No

----------------a few hours later- as Chad and the kids arrived home--------------

Me: Carter, where were you today with daddy?

Carter: Big truck

Chad: Tell mommy we were at the mac store

Carter: mommy, at the mag sore

Me: Tell daddy, “Yea right”

Carter (now chasing Chad): Yea right daddy yea right yea right yea right yea right

As it turns out - they were at the mac store. Not the silicone boob store. And I have a shiny new mac! Yea me! Yesterday and today was spent doing a million online tutorials on fun mac related things. It’s great. I’m in heaven.

I feel like I should get some sort of “street cred” as the kids say.

And before you PC users send me nasty comments, understand this, I’m not ripping on pc’s or pc users .... just Dell (well, specifically Dell corporation...not Dell machines). So don’t waste your angry comments on todays those for when I am being a lame mommy ...and then lash out on me (and set me over the edge of not coming out of my bedroom and hiding in the closet in the fetal position drooling and mumbling incoherently - because that has to be WAY more fun than just lashing out on me about computers).

P.S. How cute is my husband to take over my blog just to write me a little birthday card? He rocks.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chrissy's Birthday

Note: Today’s post is brought to you by my lovely husband. I have no control over what he writes, posts, or does on this site for the next hour. In fact, I logged him into my account and won’t even see what he has done until it’s published. Enjoy.

This is my version of P.D.A. I don’t hold hands or cuddle in public like some of you freaks out there but I will scream from the mountain tops about how much I love and respect my wife; not only what she endures on a daily basis with two maniac kids and keeping a house hold running as smoothly as she does, and for those of you who know me out there you know I’m like a 3rd child, but how much I love you for just being you. You are the love of my life and I can’t say that enough, I LOVE YOU. Now, tomorrow is my wife’s birthday and nothing makes me happier then to see her happy so here I go.

I’ve been reading gotfam for the last 3 years and nothing that comes out of Chrissy’s brain that she puts down on cyber paper ceases to amaze me anymore. What started out as pictures for family and friends to see her first pregnancy and Carter born has turned into an amazing read on a daily basis. I’m so very proud of you and can’t even begin to tell you how talented you are. So, to aid in your ongoing blogging adventures your kids and I, with help from Uncle Trad and Uncle Ben, got you a little gift. We hope you like it.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Chad's mom's house. The kids played, we ate, Avery slept (for 3 hours), Carter ran, we ate more, Carter ran more, and then Carter passed out (literally while eating - he was still cramming pumpkin bread in his mouth when I noticed that he was starting to fade). And then boom ... his head hit the table and he was out (and I ran to grab my camera).

And now both kiddos are passed out. And we actually had a mini conversation about a 3rd kid. Family get-togethers can do that to ya. That lasted about 0.2 seconds. And now we're back to drinking. No more kids. For now :)

I'm thankful for you (*blushing*)

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving.
A few pieces of artwork (from Carter) for Thanksgiving

I am writing this post from my non-turkey smelling house while lounging, drinking coffee, and watching the Macy’s parade with the family. And I’m thankful for that (I love cooking, but I also like it when someone else cooks every so often).

Its days like today that I am reminded of how thankful I am for so many things (a wonderful husband, beautiful healthy children, a rockin' family, amazing friends, cute pets (when they don't crap everywhere), health, freedom, there are more... I could keep going. But I won’t list them all - because I’m sure (if you’re on any forms of social media) you have been bombarded with a million lists of “things I am thankful for.”

But, as Bilbo stated best, I don't want to leave out how thankful I am for this little corner of the internet that I call my blog. Where I can say anything that I feel the need to say.

Because, however dorky it sounds when I tell people “I’m a mom blogger” – it gives me a little bit of sanity. The whole blogging (and social media) community gives me sanity and comfort.

And for that – I am so thankful.

I love having a community that I can vent to, ask for advice from, gush to about how much I love (or am annoyed by) my family, or just speak openly to.

To sum up, I’m thankful for you. Each and every one of you.

Note: I don't want to leave out how thankful I am for washable markers. SO freaking thankful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Thanksgiving Eve Poem

Twas the night before Thanksgiving (a used-to-be bar night),
And not a Got-Child was stirring (by 7:30 ... but that took a fight).

The kiddos were nestled all snug in their crib and big-boy bed,
While visions of turkey (well, pureed apples and mac and cheese) danced in their heads

And me with my laptop and Chad with his ipad on his lap,
We’ve both settled down for one (read: 5-7) beers (we deserve a night cap)

What? There is more to this poem?
Sorry, I have beer now.

Monday, November 22, 2010


We're back from our trip to Atlanta (to see Andy and Meredeth). And we're happy to report that traveling with two small children is really not that big of a deal. Say it with me ... "phew!"

This was my (and Chad's) first time flying with kids. And Carter and Avery's first time on a plane (by the way Continental, I think it's crap that we pay that much for plane tickets and you can't swing some plastic wing pins for the kids first flights - cheap bastards).

We started our trip by preparing Carter. We talked about planes, showed him pictures, told him about the noises planes make, where they go, what size they are, etc. So natch - he was pretty excited (although, as it turns out - he was just as excited about the luggage carts as he was the planes ("big tucks eveywhere mommy!"):Luckily, the plane was relatively empty on the way to Atlanta, so we were able to have plenty of room to sprawl out. Avery even sat on her own (calm down ... it was only briefly, while I retrieved some of her toys from my carry-on).
Carter loved the plane. He liked watching it take off, watching the ground, watching the clouds ... but mostly he enjoyed watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Ipad while we were in flight (that was key).
I'm proud to report that we were not those people with the crying kids. Not one peep out of either child. My kids rock.
Another first; the aquarium (the Georgia Aquarium is actually the world's largest aquarium - with over 8 million gallons of water (commercial over)). In Cleveland, we sort of just have some fish exhibits at the zoo (although I have heard some rumors about an aquarium ... fingers crossed!). So the trip to the Georgia Aquarium was pretty rockin'.
Carter has been talking about the "big fish" and "booga whales" ever since.

I have to think that Avery liked it too. She watched everything happily from her stroller, smiling, cooing ... and then passed out halfway through.
Carter and Chad even stuck their hands in the water to try to touch/interact with some fish (not too sure Carter was into this ... he kept saying "yucky... eww" - that's my little OCD clean man)One really special part too (outside of being able to hang out with Uncle Andy) was that this past weekend was the 5th Birthday celebration of the Aquarium's opening. So a few extra rooms (that are typically not open to the public) were open for viewing.
The penguins were a crowd favorite (as was the pop-up viewing pod).
Carter got a ride through most of the aquarium from Uncle Andy.
The whole trip to Atlanta was very special (for so many reasons).
We got to meet Aunt Meredeth (whom Carter has deemed Ann Merduth) for the first time, and some of her family (her nephew William is the same age as Carter - so they hit it off great) as well as see Andy and Meredeth's new house just outside Atlanta (Carter was mostly excited about the swingset - Avery was mostly excited that Meredeth paid so much attention to her).
All in all - a great trip. Carter and Avery would like to request more weekends with Uncle Andy and Ann Merduth (and are excited to meet Harrison very soon!).

Note: Yes, with new TSA rules...traveling with small children can be touchy (no pun intended). Just explain everything ahead of time to your kids and it may help. What also helps - nice TSA agents (not that you can control that). The agents at the Cleveland Airport were so wonderful (in fact, I wrote a letter to the Government contact for the TSA to let them know that the Cleveland team rocked). The Atlanta TSA agents were a whole other story ... they can suck it).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Mini Hiatus

I'll be stepping away from the computer for a few days...

... but I promise to have some fun posts this upcoming week. Also, I plan to have a very fun "12 Days of Christmas" posting series this December (that may actually take me more than twelve days... I mean... you saw how my 30 Day challenge went....whatever - shit happens).

During this blogging hiatus, please enjoy these pictures:
Laundry Day (both outfits are old Carter outfits):

Making Lunch (I always ask Carter to help me make lunch - and he usually prepares food from his fake plastic food drawer (other times he just flat out ignores me and wanders off to play with trucks). Today’s lunch was apparently a pan-fried combo of the following: a tomato, fries, a potato, a piece of pizza and a chicken leg)

"The Audience" (Carter lined up his toys (in a very rainman-ish style arrangement...I love my little OCD man) and little people to watch him while he bounced on the trampoline)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I attempted to get adventurous today. I attempted…the skinny jean

I have been a spectator in this whole skinny-pant frenzy for awhile. I've mocked it. I've secretly been jealouos of it. I've mocked it again. All while wear boot-legged pants, long sleeve cotton t-shirts and converse.

But I finally thought, "it’s time to update the wardrobe. And why not just attempt the skinny pant?"

So, this is how my conversation went with a very lovely sales associate at the mall today:

Him: Hello! Can I help you find something?
Me: Yes, I think I am finally ready to try a skinny pant
Him: Skinny, Ultra-Skinny, or Painted-On?
Me...blink blink....
Him: I can show you the differences.
Me: Painted-on? I don't want my clothes to look painted on. I want them to look like clothes ... that are separate from my body.
Him: Ok, do you know what size you’d be?
Me: No. I know what size I would wear in pants that are not super tight ... is it the same? I feel like this is all a new language for me.
Him (as he grabs two pair of pants and probably wonders how he got me as a customer instead of the two teeny tiny teenagers that walked in just after me): I think I know

....... off I go to the changing room .......

....... five minutes later .......

Him (through the dressing room door): How are the pants fitting?
Me (still trying to get the first leg over my ankle): uhh … interesting
Him: Do you need another size?
Me: I don’t know…are they supposed to be stuck prior to even getting to my knee?
Him: They can be difficult to pull up from time to time. But they do stretch throughout the day
Me (wondering just how much they would stretch): Do these pants fit anyone?
Him (laughing, but trying to be polite): Do you want to try another style?
Me (wondering where these pants haven’t gone wrong on me – so I open the door to show him): I don’t know – are they supposed to look like this? This looks ridiculous to me. Why does my ass look so big?
Him ... silent ... probably wondering if these are rhetorical questions.
Me (still going off): I mean … why would a designer think that accentuating a woman’s butt this much would be a good thing? Seriously, my ass looks ginormous …this is horrible.
Him (trying to be helpful): Well, it’s the style to have a butt…look at Kim Kardashian
Me (wondering if him bringing up a celebrity with a large butt is good or bad)…umm…I’m no Kim Kardashian. So…perhaps making my butt look big is not a good thing.
Him: Do you want to see some sweaters?

I later came to find out (from a friend- Thanks Kathy!) that there are also things called "Jeggings"... translation: jeans meet leggings.


And the big marketing gig there is that they're skinny jeans that don't cut off circulation (due to material changes: more spandex I think). As if having clothes that don't hurt you is this new fabulous concept.

If promoting the fact that your product doesn't hurt people is "in" ... perhaps I should change my blog title to “GotFam.Blogspot - Not cutting off circulation, not inflicting bruises and certainly not giving you papercuts…since 2007!”

Note: No picture today - due to my unwillingness to show the internet my huge ass in skinny pants (because I did have my camera with me... and I did contimplate taking a picture).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling all Opinions

I know I typically go off on boring rants about how I get mad about opinions that were thrown at me (about raising children). But this time, I want your opinions (helpful ones at least - not assy ones about how I suck).

Avery has been my good sleeper since she was born. She took naps beautifully, she went to bed at night without a fuss, and she slept as much as we could expect a baby to for each given month…until now.

A few weeks after successfully sleep training her (supernanny style), she wakes up…ALL NIGHT LONG.

It goes like this:

- 7:oopm (ish) she’s in the bath having a nice soothing bath (read: splashing away with her toys and wash cloth).
- 7:10 I put soothing lavender lotion on her and talk to her softly about how she’s beautiful and mommy loves her so much
- 7:15 she’s in her pj’s, her sleep sack (whoever invented these should win a Nobel peace prize)
- 7:30 she’s in bed and almost asleep (she typically doesn’t even want to be rocked or read to…she just likes to babble to herself with her binky, and drift off to baby slumber by herself)

- 9:45/10 (ish) she is awake and screaming bloodcurdling screeches as if someone is hurting her (not her typically “I’m hungry” or “come cuddle with me” cries). We run in, check on her and her eyes are closed, but she’s bright red and screaming as loud as possible while trashing around and arching her back. There is no consoling her. Sometimes we resort to a bottle (even though we had mostly gone away from nighttime bottles during sleep training).

- 10/10:30 she’s usually back asleep.

This continues every 30 minutes or so for the rest of the night (or at least until 5am-ish).

The only way to make her stop screaming is to put her in bed with me (where she continues to scream most of the time…but if I put her on me and talk her through it – she sometimes falls asleep (although still waking up every 30-40 minutes or so)).

What is going on?

- Our pediatrician says “object permanence” which you and I (and anyone that is paying attention) knows is 100% wrong.
- Google says “Night terrors”…but I have no idea what to make of this.
- None of the sleep books that we have read have anything that sounds like this.
- I know it's not her ears, her eyes, her throat, etc etc (I had our doctor make sure it wasn't an ear infection, strep, etc).

What do you say? Please tell me your opinion. Any opinion or idea (to try) helps.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proof that the little one will test us

We have a video monitor in Avery’s room (and will in Carter’s room if Amazon could ever get their crap together). It sits at the end of her crib (actually, it sits on her crib ... on the rail).

Yup, I’m that mom. The one that puts her own need-to-know above her kids rights-to-privacy. Just you wait ‘til they’re teenagers.

And up until now I took for granted the fact that she didn't move around a whole lot, was unable to get to the end of the crib, unable to get to the video monitor, you can probably see where this is going. Not anymore. She spotted it a while back and has been curious as to what it was. But we thought that we had another month or so before we had to mount it on the wall (safely away from little hands).

We thought wrong.

Today, she scooted down to the end of the crib during her naptime … and started to pound her feet against the rails until the whole monitor fell. And typically I would have seen this happening (as I would have had my face pressed up against the hand-held video part watching her every move), but being that it was naptime (and she was quiet), I thought she was sleeping… so I was doing dishes. Next thing you know, I hear strange mouthing noises.

Yup, she kicked the rails until the monitor fell and then went to town on it (she had it in her mouth (which is actually what I saw when I looked at the monitor...her open mouth (wish I had a picture of that), she chewed on it, played with it, etc).

And I caught it on camera (good to know I grabbed my camera rather than running up there to stop her).