Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

What's a Christmas Party without Moose Mugs?
Well, the family has left, the leftovers are gone (mostly…ok – mainly the cookies are gone), the Christmas decorations are down (I am seriously married to an obsessive compulsive organizer), and the house is covered in Carter toys.

There was no drama (ok, there was drama…but not at my house…so…I WIN CHRISTMAS…but that’s another story), there were no cooking mishaps (well, my dad had to jump in before I made crappy gravy – gravy was the only thing I had never prepared), there were no travel issues, and everything seemed to go smoothly.
Carter learned a lot this Christmas. How to rip presents open, the power of cookies, how to manipulate multiple grandparents are once, how to get Uncle Andy to read every book in the toy bin, how to catch (we're still working on this one), the one finger rule (we're still working on this one too), that a cute smile will get your family to let you watch Dora the Explorer over and over again ... you know - standard one year old lessons.
The new activity table (which doubles as a car racetrack, lego building center, you name it)

The new tricycle (which doubles as a mommy cardio workout - since he constantly wants me to push him on it)

I have to say, having the whole family to our house, cooking a huge Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner…and being pregnant…well, it had me slightly worried. But…we pulled it off! Go our team!

Everything was seriously great and I'm so happy that Carter got to have both sides of grandparents here.
Now, I have to go stop a tantrum about the new wagon (seriously... I'm tired...i can't pull him for one more wagon ride or push him on one more tricycle ride...where did his books go and doesn't he know that prego mommy can only have one cup of coffee before the sea monkey's head explodes?).

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