Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little over a week ago, I threw up (who’s excited to read this post?)…

And then I threw up more. And more…and it went on all night long and into the next day. After throwing up for hours, watching your fever slowly go up and not being able to move what-so-ever – we decided to call my doctor to make sure the sea monkey could survive mommy’s apparent stomach flu.

The doctors office said that sea monkey should be ok, as long as I could keep fluids down (which I couldn’t) and my fever didn’t go up anymore (which it did). If those didn’t work out – they had instructed us to go directly to the emergency room and get some fluids via an iv – and have the on-call ob check the sea monkeys heart beat (just to be safe).
So off we went, to the hospital. Imagine my excitement. I guess it’s a good thing we moved to Strongsville – because we had to call in the troops for emergency Carter supervision. Vanessa ran over to play with Carter. And then grandma G came over a little while later to relieve Vanessa and get Carter to bed.
I will say this – props to the hospital for getting us in quickly and hooked up to fluids super fast (and in my own room sans any weird and stinky roomates)...pregnancy really gives you the trump card at the emergency room I guess.

Long story short; after the whole evening was over – I had had three bags of fluid and a bag of potassium (and just about every vein in both arms violated for random blood tests). And now I leaving knowing that I have some potassium issues to keep my eye on (who has potassium issues…what a nose bleed problem to have. I couldn’t be dorkier if I tried - sigh).

The funniest part that came out of the whole debacle: the nurse’s reaction at my follow-up appointment at my ob.

Here is how the conversation went:

Nurse: I see you had to go to the emergency room last week
Me: I did. We were actually instructed to by this office – just to be careful since I thought I had the flu
Nurse: Your records show you were severely dehydrated
Me: Yea, well that happens when you throw up as much as I had
Nurse: But are you drinking water?
Me….staring blankly…is this moron serious?
Nurse: Because pregnant women need water
Me: I. Know. This. I had the flu – and was throwing up
Nurse: But you still need water
Me: I couldn’t keep water down
Nurse: You actually need extra water then
Me….staring blankly again…is there something wrong with her? Should I speak slowly?
Nurse: So are you drinking more water now?
Me (now looking at Chad): Is this for real?
Chad (shaking his head and laughing): yup
Me (giving up): Ok…I’ll drink water
Nurse: A lot of water

So, yea. Nurse obvious wants you all to know…it’s important to drink water. Maybe at my next visit she can tell me not to use methamphetamine when pregnant.

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