Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree - Meet Toddler ...Toddler - Meet Christmas Tree

This is really our first year of being truly aware of our Christmas tree. Every other year we picked our trees based on height, cuteness, fullness – aesthetics.

This year we wanted our tree to fit 3 basic needs:
1.) Something relatively soft so it wouldn’t prick curious little hands
2.) Something that didn’t look too huge or too heavy – for when Carter knocks it over (and we know this is inevitable)
3.) Something that would more or less fit in the room

So we went on our tree quest (and mommy couldn't resist a few cute picture opportunities)
Carter, looking super happy to be crammed in this random sleigh...

Carter and daddy looking mildly annoyed with mommy's camera...Carter, on a cart for shrubs (our containment solution)
Actually very happy about the cart...he likes anything that moves (especially anything that he can ride or drive)
Back to running...
Picking his favorite tree. Oddly enough - he actually did pick the tree that we ended up buying (and then my husband talked the tree salesperson down in a lot).

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