Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Activity Table

For those of you that don’t know me well ... I come from a long line (ok … just my brother and I and my parents) of arty people. We like art. All kinds of art. We’re art junkies. We forward links of cool furniture design websites and get goosebumps when the new Design Within Reach catalog comes out, and get all judgey when law suits arise over the correct ownership of paintings from famous artists.

So, it’s probably no surprise to find out that Carter’s first activity table was lovingly made from Herman Miller parts and pieces. And we all wanted to touch it in hopes that Eames had touched that particular piece of furniture as well. We’re that dorky. We really are (ok, at least I am).

So, part of me wants to explain to him that he should wake up every morning and give the Herman Miller table a little kiss or wink – because furniture design is that important to mommy (and was that important in the design world - it influenced every part of design). But then the mommy (realistic) side of me wants him to know that we actually have no designy furniture because I know what a sippy cup (and beer) does to fabric … and I know what this mommy would do if a sippy cup touched a barcelona chair ... and it ain’t pretty.
Someday Carter, you will visit mommy and daddy (after you graduate college – and your 500 siblings are out of the house too) and mommy and daddy will be sitting on wassily chairs sipping coffee happily (ok…Chad would be just as happy (read: happier) on his crappy saggy sectional sofa….sigh…but if he gets his way and gets 500 kids…then I get a freaking wassily chair damnit). And Carter, you will someday understand that furniture design influenced the entire design and art world deeply…and you will get a little tear in your eye because your first activity table was handmade just for you from Herman Miller parts.

I take great pride in that. Thank you Grandpa Jones for making this for Carter. He likes it because it’s a cool place to build legos. I like it because it’s something that means more.

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