Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Must be Winter...

We have already had our first snow of the year (here is a view of our backyard). I guess I don't know if the word "already" is appropriate. I grew up with snow for Thanksgiving almost every year (in Michigan)...but it has been rare in Ohio thus far.
On Thanksgiving we just had a little bit of flurries here and there and we all joked about how it would be awhile before we'd have accumulation. Little did we would be the next morning.

I'd love to post pictures of Carter chowing down on turkey and dressing, but this mommy forgot her camera. This may have been the first time I was without a camera in over a year. Prego brain I guess.

And I would love to post pictures of Carter and I braving Black Friday at Target and the Mall. But I was scared to take a second to take out my camera - for fear that someone would take this as a moment of weakness and hockey-check me into a wall and steal anything in my cart thinking it was some fabulous deal they had missed.

Ohh...and I would love to post pictures of Carter's first time seeing Santa and real reindeer...but he went with grandma G so mommy and daddy could go to dinner and have some quiet mommy and daddy time. We're terrible parents. I'm sorry we missed your first santa visit Carter...we promise to pay for your first year in therapy as an adult.
I do, however, have a picture of Carter in his new snow suit (the main reason I went out on Black Friday...that, and to buy over prices boots that can only be purchased at Stride Rite (due to somebody's extra-wide sized feet)). He wore this to romp around in the snow at the local Tree Lighting and go on a sleigh ride with grandma G.

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Wendy said...

First, wow is your backyard beautiful in the snow (and always). Second, guess who else forgot the camera? Third, all we got was rain... yucky cold rain. :)