Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Night

7:45 – Bathtime
8:00 – Carter is in his crib and babbling happily away
8:30 – his monitor is silent. Ahhh…silence. Time to watch Big Bang Theory - I love geeks
9:30 – we hear some snoring…poor little guy has a cold
10:00 – he’s moving around in there…but he should be fine
10:45 – he’s awake. We put him down and turn his crib aquarium on
10:55 – we try to lay him down again…but he is not in full panic mode
11:00 – I pack him up and put him in the car to drive him around to rock him back to sleep
11:01 – my car won’t start…again (why couldn’t the people that broke into this vehicle just have stolen it?!)
11:02 – Carter is hearing some interesting language about mommy’s feelings about the car
11:04 – we’re off
11:25 – Chad is texting me to see if I am almost home
11:26 – I am texting that he’s still awake
11:30 – Carter is giggling in the backseat
11:45 – Now he’s downright laughing at the situation (read: at me)
11:50 – I give up and go home.
Midnight – my backbone regrows and I put him back in his crib to cry it out

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