Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

If halloween has come and gone, does that mean I can't dress the child up like a monkey anymore? Or does it mean I have to at least do it when people won't see?

We had a nice (read: non-scary/toddler-friendly) halloween.

We went to grandma G's house early for trick-or-treating with the neighbors and dinner (and to drop off the dog that has no concept of not barking at every little noise and movement...and we're selfish and wanted Carter to sleep we made it grandma's problem - go ahead...judge us...and then you can doggy sit and see what we mean).
Carter's favorite part of halloween - the 99 cent plastic pumpkin from Target.
And then we headed home to trick-or-treat around the house.
Pop Quiz....what's in Chad's coffee mug?
We literally walked one street over (into a whole different development) and our mouths fell open. There were parties at almost every house, adults were outside drinking (and offering drinks to other adults), kids were playing and having fun. It was as if the universe was laughing and pointing at us saying, "Baahhh were SO close to your perfect house weren't you suckas!!" And then we walked back onto our street (in our development) and everyone's lights were off and it was quiet and anti-social. Yup...screw you too universe.

We still made it home in time to hand out some candy too (somebody on our street had to 'represent') and to make some lofty plans for next years halloween. We refuse to live on the lame/boring street.
Carter pointed out that a mouse (or some sort of woodland creature) ate a hole around our pumpkins eye....a little weird, especially given that it had only been outside an hour at this point. Speedy little suckers.
Chad actually carved the pirate pumpkin. Really. I'm so not kidding. It really was Chad.
And then Carter went happily to bed (with dreams of 99 cent plastic pumpkins dancing in his head) and mommy and daddy made a fire and hung out (with adult beverages, a cavs game and massive amounts of candy. What? We can't let Carter eat it...we're just helping).
Happy Halloween to all!

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