Tuesday, October 6, 2009

15-25 year old me

We moved to the suburbs. Yup. The 'burbs.

The girl that swore she would never live in the surburbs...much less even a medium sized city (only London and New York were going to be acceptable for 15-25 year old me).

Well, guess what 15-25 year old me...you're going to meet a wonderful boy...buy a house in an inner-ring suburb, like the suburb (for drinking and partying), get married, get pregnant, leave corporate america to be a mommy, have a baby, and then decide to move to the suburbs because it's better for said baby. You're going to change your mind 15-25 year old me. You're going to change your mind about what things are important to you.

And then (15-25 year old me) your car is going to get broken into. IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY...in the 'burbs.

Someone is going to go through all of your stuff. All of your sticky-notes that you leave for yourself with directions to friends houses, grocery notes, etc, your CDs (which they will take out of the case...and reject..because you're old now and listen to old people music), and make your car look REALLY MESSY (E-VIL MEAN MESSER-UPPER OF CARS). You will feel SO violated.

Yet - this person (that will break into your car) won't take anything...but your garage door opener. Because all of the rest of the stuff in your car will be either deemed lame or lamer...and just maybe there is something that isn't lame in your garage...or house.

And then (15-25 year old me)...you will proceed to FREAK OUT on your husband for days on end about how someone wants to come to your house, open the garage, sneak inside, frolic around destroying all of your favorite things just for fun, get near your child, and then kill you.

This wouldn't have happened in New York or London 15-25 year old me. Because you wouldn't have owned a car.
But you also wouldn't be with your wonderful husband and you wouldn't have your wonderful son...and you would probably only be able to afford a 300 sq ft studio apartment in either of those cities...with a view of another building's wall.
SO, 15-25 year old me...my point is...you'll change your mind about things you want. And then..your car will get broken into...and you'll get over it (read: declare war against whomever broke into your car...starting with nasty notes left throughout your car...for when they come back (take ease in knowing that you may have changed your mind on locations...but you're still as crazy when you're 30..ish)).

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