Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

If halloween has come and gone, does that mean I can't dress the child up like a monkey anymore? Or does it mean I have to at least do it when people won't see?

We had a nice (read: non-scary/toddler-friendly) halloween.

We went to grandma G's house early for trick-or-treating with the neighbors and dinner (and to drop off the dog that has no concept of not barking at every little noise and movement...and we're selfish and wanted Carter to sleep we made it grandma's problem - go ahead...judge us...and then you can doggy sit and see what we mean).
Carter's favorite part of halloween - the 99 cent plastic pumpkin from Target.
And then we headed home to trick-or-treat around the house.
Pop Quiz....what's in Chad's coffee mug?
We literally walked one street over (into a whole different development) and our mouths fell open. There were parties at almost every house, adults were outside drinking (and offering drinks to other adults), kids were playing and having fun. It was as if the universe was laughing and pointing at us saying, "Baahhh were SO close to your perfect house weren't you suckas!!" And then we walked back onto our street (in our development) and everyone's lights were off and it was quiet and anti-social. Yup...screw you too universe.

We still made it home in time to hand out some candy too (somebody on our street had to 'represent') and to make some lofty plans for next years halloween. We refuse to live on the lame/boring street.
Carter pointed out that a mouse (or some sort of woodland creature) ate a hole around our pumpkins eye....a little weird, especially given that it had only been outside an hour at this point. Speedy little suckers.
Chad actually carved the pirate pumpkin. Really. I'm so not kidding. It really was Chad.
And then Carter went happily to bed (with dreams of 99 cent plastic pumpkins dancing in his head) and mommy and daddy made a fire and hung out (with adult beverages, a cavs game and massive amounts of candy. What? We can't let Carter eat it...we're just helping).
Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Happy Birthday to you....

Carter has a birthday video for you (nevermind that it sort of turns into a game of chase)...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When I was little, I ate stuff (this has all of the makings for a riveting blog entry right?)

I ate everything. Plants, dirt (I blame my brother for this…no wasn’t chocolate…not one time that you said it would be), crap off the floor (that I have to assume I had left there…since my mom was the vacuum queen), a picture of my cousin, soap, more dirt (still lookin’ at you here Andy), a hole in the screen door (again…Andy), you name it…I ate it. To the point that my mom had the poison control center speed dialed on our home phone.

This may have made me a challenging child to raise. But my parents looked at it more as me being inquisitive. This is why my parents are so great (I’m sucking up – you’ll understand why when you read the rest of this blog entry).

So one day, I ate a marble. It was all shiny and “eat me, I’m a yummy yummy marble.” So I ate it. And my mom instantly freaked out. Apparently, a marble can do bad things to a child (I still don’t fully understand what it could do…but I appreciate (now) what my mom had to do in order for us to not find out what could happen).

For the next three days, my mom had to dig through my poo to make sure the marble in fact came out and wasn’t lodged in my intestines somewhere creating a blockage that would cause my marble-eating little six year old body to spontaneously combust.

This brings me to today’s question: Am I a dig-through-your-kids-poo kinda mom? I would like to think that I could do anything to help Carter out…but when Carter ate a penny today – all I could think was, “look kid, you’re spittin’ that thing out because I am SO not digging through your poo!” And I spent the next few minutes fighting with him to get the penny back out of his mouth. I’m happy to report that I won.

So, am I a crappy mom…or do I just have poo issues? I don’t know the answer to this. A better question would be, should I have warned my readers that today’s entry would contain graphic poo-related material?

Here is Carter (still angry that I took the penny away - but somewhat happy with the muffin I gave him instead).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Boy Eater

Carter has slowly been learning to eat with utensils. And we're pretty happy. This means we can branch out in foods now (he can maybe have some things that require a spoon (applesauce or soup)...down the road).

I finally caught his fork abilities on video. Kindly ignore the food coming back out of his mouth (yelling at the dog was WAY more important than chewing what he had just put in his mouth).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Front Door Fall Photos (nevermind that I didn't notice his slippers until afterwards)

Due to my weird and non-ending obsession with fall…I have enough pictures of Carter around pumpkins, apples, leaves, mittens, etc that I could insulate my walls with them.

Instead, I plan to plaster them all over my blog for you to enjoy (ok, not all of them…just a handful (that seemingly look the same (but feel worlds different to me)). Feel free to vote on which one I blow up for my new mantle picture.
p.s. if it seems that my blog entries have been mainly pictures lately…or quick statements and no lengthy conversation-style paragraphs…it’s because I am very tired and can’t seem to muster up any creativity. More to come on this…

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Night

7:45 – Bathtime
8:00 – Carter is in his crib and babbling happily away
8:30 – his monitor is silent. Ahhh…silence. Time to watch Big Bang Theory - I love geeks
9:30 – we hear some snoring…poor little guy has a cold
10:00 – he’s moving around in there…but he should be fine
10:45 – he’s awake. We put him down and turn his crib aquarium on
10:55 – we try to lay him down again…but he is not in full panic mode
11:00 – I pack him up and put him in the car to drive him around to rock him back to sleep
11:01 – my car won’t start…again (why couldn’t the people that broke into this vehicle just have stolen it?!)
11:02 – Carter is hearing some interesting language about mommy’s feelings about the car
11:04 – we’re off
11:25 – Chad is texting me to see if I am almost home
11:26 – I am texting that he’s still awake
11:30 – Carter is giggling in the backseat
11:45 – Now he’s downright laughing at the situation (read: at me)
11:50 – I give up and go home.
Midnight – my backbone regrows and I put him back in his crib to cry it out

Fall Pictures

Mommy has an obsession with fall. It is by far my favorite season. Thus...I get a little camera crazy...sorry Carter
You have to love having a park in your backyard (especially since Carter hasn't realized that he can catch frogs in it...yet)
And the ducks. Yea...we have a little duck obsession (and I am getting over the duck/goose poo issue)

FYI - I did not pick this coat because it was Browns colors. I just thought it was cute...and matched his shoes. But don't tell Chad that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Halloween Preview

There are just so many reasons why I wanted to make Carter a monkey for halloween. But to name a few:

1.) I'm obsessed with dressing Carter like animals
2.) Carter has been nicknamed "Carter Monkey" and "Monkey" and "Ninja Monkey" ....and pretty much everything else monkey related

3.) This costume was lined...and mommy is obsessed with warmth and comfort
4.) This costume is so stinking cute I can hardly stand it

5.) When he chases the dog in this costume...Chad and I laugh so hard we both almost pee ourselves

Saturday, October 10, 2009

He's a maniac A MAAANIAC...

Carter has learned to dance. Or..should I say, run in circles and then bounce. But 10 people that can dance better than this.

(This is a very large file...and may take some time to load. haa...i said 'load')

ohhh...and don't judge me for my messy family room.

Friday, October 9, 2009

More playtime with the kitty piano

I mean, I know playing with musical instruments can be fun...but we can't keep this piano away from Carter. He drags it around, yells in the microphone, pounds on the keys....pretty much all of the time.

But whatever makes him happy...this happy....
Ya gotta love it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitty Piano

Carter now has a microphone. As if his constant yelling at the dog wasn't we're helping him to amplify it. You're welcome Layla.

The microphone is attached to a (very manly looking) purple kitty piano. He can play music (and you can make the piano sound like kitty's meowing, a banjo playing...a bunch of other weird and inappropriate things...and well..a piano), he can add a beat, he can record music and play it back...and he can...yell into a microphone (this is the only thing he's really interested in right now)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

15-25 year old me

We moved to the suburbs. Yup. The 'burbs.

The girl that swore she would never live in the surburbs...much less even a medium sized city (only London and New York were going to be acceptable for 15-25 year old me).

Well, guess what 15-25 year old're going to meet a wonderful a house in an inner-ring suburb, like the suburb (for drinking and partying), get married, get pregnant, leave corporate america to be a mommy, have a baby, and then decide to move to the suburbs because it's better for said baby. You're going to change your mind 15-25 year old me. You're going to change your mind about what things are important to you.

And then (15-25 year old me) your car is going to get broken into. IN YOUR OWN the 'burbs.

Someone is going to go through all of your stuff. All of your sticky-notes that you leave for yourself with directions to friends houses, grocery notes, etc, your CDs (which they will take out of the case...and reject..because you're old now and listen to old people music), and make your car look REALLY MESSY (E-VIL MEAN MESSER-UPPER OF CARS). You will feel SO violated.

Yet - this person (that will break into your car) won't take anything...but your garage door opener. Because all of the rest of the stuff in your car will be either deemed lame or lamer...and just maybe there is something that isn't lame in your garage...or house.

And then (15-25 year old me) will proceed to FREAK OUT on your husband for days on end about how someone wants to come to your house, open the garage, sneak inside, frolic around destroying all of your favorite things just for fun, get near your child, and then kill you.

This wouldn't have happened in New York or London 15-25 year old me. Because you wouldn't have owned a car.
But you also wouldn't be with your wonderful husband and you wouldn't have your wonderful son...and you would probably only be able to afford a 300 sq ft studio apartment in either of those cities...with a view of another building's wall.
SO, 15-25 year old point'll change your mind about things you want. And then..your car will get broken into...and you'll get over it (read: declare war against whomever broke into your car...starting with nasty notes left throughout your car...for when they come back (take ease in knowing that you may have changed your mind on locations...but you're still as crazy when you're 30..ish)).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Picking

We brought Carter Apple picking this past weekend.

He seems to enjoy himself. He mainly wanted to pick gross apples up off the ground, or smash the rotten ones...and he wanted to play in mud...and with the apple bag...but I guess it went well. He seemed happy...and slept all night (win/win).

Friday, October 2, 2009

Calling all attorneys…or anyone with a witty witty response

I won’t go into all of the fantasy land visions I had of living in the ‘burbs. Well…actually, I’ll go into one.

I honestly thought that babysitters were falling off trees in suburbs. Trustworthy, honest, caring, perfect, sweet babysitters. So many of them that when you drove down the street…you had to swerve around them as they jumped at your car and clung to it spewing off references for you to call and check on their babysitting abilities.

What I’m finding is that you have to listen to your friends talk about their babysitters (to see if they sound good or just iffy) and then you have to shamelessly steal them from your friends. Or…you ask around your neighborhood. Well…the-ask-around-the-neighborhood route has gotten us a few leads….and one super inappropriate run-in with the association trustees in our development. This is where the “I need a good response from an attorney” part comes in.

I emailed our homeowners association trustee board (read: stuffy-I-know-better-than-you-mens-club) and suggested that we add a bulletin to our association's website to allow people to advertise their services (oh hush…within reason…stop laughing that I said 'services.' There would obviously have to be an approval process).

Now…I know the association probably gets a lot of lame suggestions (i.e. “we should have Hawaiian shirt day every Friday” or “we should do development stretching every morning together”)…but my suggestion wasn’t lame (to me). Yet, I get this response (it has been condensed…due to this lame-os long and boring rant…oh…and I am leaving their typos (read: lack of punctuation and capitalization) in…not because I’m perfect…but because I am mad at them and…well…I’m just being mean –’s my blog):

Thank you for your suggestion. There are two reasons that it will not work.

first is that our website, when it was developed, did not have the capability of user driven input. In fact, we cannot make changes but have to use the web developer to do that for us.

Based on cases around the country over the past few years, clubs, associations and groups can be sued for an implied recommendation when a service or product is advertised and listed on the group's website. While not all lawsutis have resulted in problems, enough have and associate settlements that our associaiton long ago decided not to advertise in our newsletter or website or anywhere that members of the association provide services or products, as we would have associated liability for them. that would expose the associatino to far greater risk and our insurance carrier specifically rates our risk based on the separation by not allowing any connection.

That is a long way of saying we appreciate you sharing the idea, but we have already had it suggested many times. Unfortunately it is not something in our future.

I am going to take the liberty to state the following (again, it’s my blog):

A.) This man lives in a world of no capitalization
B.) This man thinks he just wrote a very intelligently crafted email to a lame housewife that wants to get a babysitter and get her booze-on
C.) This man has never heard of a disclaimer statement (you know, the “blah blah…we won’t be held responsible for any weirdos or pervs that advertise on here…don’t be dumb…do background checks and use reason when picking people to watch your kids” verbiage)
D.) This man has no concept of how the web (or web development) works
E.) As my brother pointed out – this would make a great entry on the 'emails from crazy people' website

So, was I wrong to make a suggestion knowing full well who my audience was?

Or, were they wrong to not at least humor me by say “we have been working on figuring out a way to make this work – nice suggestion – keep them coming” just to make me happy and shut me up. Everyone involved would know it was bullshit…but we’d all be happy and sleep well.

Suggestions on a witty response are welcome! Especially ones with cool legal lingo. Email them to:

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