Monday, September 14, 2009

Wild West Weekend

This past weekend was Chad's uncle Dave's wedding. He is what we would the extreme.

Here is Carter and Mommy at the church. ( mommy didn't catch on fire for being in a church)

Daddy kept Carter quiet in the church by playing knee-horsey (it was also our way of avoiding letting Carter get his hands on a bible. Who knows what would have happened then).
Dave and Karen (his now wife (whom we love love love)) rode their horses to the hitched...and then a bunch of people rode their horses back to the reception. Now...Chad and I are not country people. We're not horse people...we're "avoid animals the size-of or bigger-than you" people.
But the ceremony and reception (and horse parade) were very fitting and very them - so it was super cute. I'm all for unconventional weddings where people are true to props to them.
Carter got to pet a donkey with cousin Haley. And we (of course) used this as an opportunity to teach Carter more about cornhole.

And really - the best moment of the night was when the best man rode his horse up to the reception and yelled, "Let's party like it's 1899!"
Which we did...but with electricity, indoor plumbing and name brand beer.

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