Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Tooth Holder

Now that Carter is getting all of his teeth – I am preparing myself for the next step…teeth falling out.

Now, before you’re all, “don’t get so far ahead of yourself…that’s super far away…” may I just remind you that Carter had his first tooth fully in by the start of month 3. So don’t tell me there is a “normal” time for things to happen.

Since there are not a ton of ways to really prepare for teeth falling out (outside of saving my quarters to shove under his pillow)…I went to dig his tooth fairy tooth holder out of his storage container.

Here is the story behind the tooth fairy tooth holder:

When I was little, I had this little stuffed pillow thing (that actually looked like overalls (which somehow made sense at the time))…and when a tooth would fall out – I would put it in the overall pocket and hope the tooth fairy would magically appear at night to exchange it for some money. And she always did.

This concept, to me, was amazing. A tooth would fall out…and some tiny woman in fairy get-up would somehow figure out a way to get into my closed window…and lift my tooth (which in my head, would have been much larger than her) and put money (also larger than her) down for me…to…pay me for my loss.

Now, for those of you that know me…you know I ask a lot of questions. It’s a by-product of being raised by hippies. They teach you to question authority…and everything else around you.

So I started asking questions about this tooth fairy person that was paying me for my teeth.

Q: How big is she?
Q: How can she carry teeth?
Q: How can she carry money?
Q: About how many children’s rooms is she expected to visit a night…and how does she carry a lot of teeth…and money?
Q: What does she wear?
Q: Is she really magical…I mean…outside of the ability to fly…and break and enter children’s rooms?
Q: What does she do with the teeth?
Q: Where does she get this money to leave for teeth?

You can see the challenge my parents were faced with. So they lovingly recommended I write her a letter. Nice way to deflect the bevy of questions guys. Except…you still had to answer them…and now in writing.

The following ensued:

My Letter (one of many I’m sure):

In case you can’t quite read this…it says (and I won’t correct spelling or grammatical errors):

Dear Tooth Fairy

I am very sorry my tooth is not here, but it was siting on the sink and it slipped and fell into the dran. I hope you don’t mind. Well about school I like my teacher, her name is Mrs. Hufford. I have a new gim teacher two acsuly, but I HATE them, and know I don’t like gim. I Love art, I have a new teacher in art to, but I think she’s O.K. And with piano, I like my teacher, she is nice. She took me out of the Music Tree too. And I’m get to be in Disney. I’m sorry I am writing so big, you are so small, but I can not write the small. Well gotta go good bye.

Our friend,

And here is the response (written very small – and in my dad’s handwriting):

Dear Chrissy,
I’m sorry you lost your tooth, but since you are honest it’s ok. The dollar is taped to your letter.
It sounds like school is going to be fun. 5th grade already! You will start getting your permanent teeth soon, be sure to take extra good care of them.
Bye for now!
Tooth Fairy

Needless to say – this went on for awhile. I think until I tried to catch the tooth fairy and my parents had had about enough of it. And then I think I focused all of my energy on figuring out Santa and the Easter Bunny.

And now, the tooth holding overall’s (pillow) is worn out and a new tooth fairy tooth holder has emerged. Thanks to my parents – the always creative hippies.

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