Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I witnessed a future genius at work:

Carter has been learning the word “No.” And by learning, I mean, learning to ignore. In fact, he has learned to laugh at me when I say no. I’ve tried all different ways of saying it, showing him how serious I am, etc. Nothing works.

But today I noticed he has learned a new trick.

This morning, he ran to the tv to pound on it and turn it on and off (this is a normal daily activity…and the one thing mommy and daddy say 'No' about the most).

Here is how it went:
Carter (pushing the on button): giggle giggle
Mommy: Carter…NO
Carter: giggle giggle
Mommy: Mommy said NO
Carter …points to dog.

Hmm…so it’s the dogs fault. Nicely played little man.

Mommy did work in corporate America…so she knows to err is human…to blame it on someone else is to show management potential. Mommy is very proud of your progress.

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