Friday, September 25, 2009

Pound (on) Puppies

We have some house guests this weekend. For reasons that I am not able to blog about just yet (because it makes me want to pound my fists and stomp my feet and cry)... Foley and Maggie are staying with us for the weekend.
And Carter has decided that puppies are for chasing, pounding on with sippy cups, and yelling at (well...more like singing...but it sort of all sounds like a cross between yelling, howling, and singing (or to our neighbors...pure annoyance)).
Note: yup- Carter is standing on a pillow in this picture ... he has been stacking things to try to reach the gate latch.
Trad and Michael, I sincerely apologize for any mental anguish that Carter may bestow upon your puppies.'re officially out numbered by three dogs. That's what we call kharma.

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