Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Park Posse

Carter and some of his posse from his play group went to a park on the west side of Cleveland yesterday. The mommies wanted to wear the boys out, and I think we were pretty successful.

The boys ran and ran and ran….and then pushed toys around...played in a randomly placed sprinkler, ran more, got to see the inside of a caboose...ran more, ate a tiny bit, confused each other’s sippy cups, pulled each other’s hair…you know…fun baby stuff to do.

And then they all went home and slept for hours. Thank you Cuyahoga County metro parks. What are we in for this winter?

Note: I am purposely not showing the other boys faces as I forgot to clear it with the other mommies. My bad. I do promise other kids were there though...and I'm not just pretending to have friends.

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